Friday, September 11, 2009

Gîte Alors!

I'm off to France tomorrow with the Bear for a week and not a thing packed as yet. All I know for certain thus far is that The Dress is coming (along with the underskirt that SuperMam kindly fashioned for me with her trusty sewing machine. Hooray!). We're heading to his friends wedding in Montagrier, which is two hours from Bordeaux, about three from La Rochelle and approximately in the middle of nowhere. If one was to Google the area, you would get this:

Hilltop village? Nice! Old church? Charmant! Fantastic viewpoints? Lovely! A bar/restaurant? Just the one then...?

"Yeah we'll meet you in the bar around nine so."

"Which bar?"

"What do you mean which bar? There's only the one sure!"

Brilliant! Even I won't get lost in this place!


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