Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Spain In (As Small) A Nutshell (As I Can Manage)

Apart from the English classes and evening activities with the kids, there were shenanigans aplenty for us teachers this year in Summer School. Such as...

Midlands Man who spoke at 100mph having to go to hospital with appendicitis in the second week, which subsequently led to a game of Pin the Appendix on MM one night.

Dizzy Redhead
getting in a fight with a local skanger for kicking the window of her car and getting punched in the face for her trouble.

Grouchy Dude
swearing like a sailor and scandalising the other girl teachers with his liberal use of the word cunt. He also got his cock out one night while wearing a dress (there were two priests and a monk in the room at the time, but like me, I think they only saw his arse) and lacerated his eyeball on the second last night with a piece of straw from a sombrero eating incident. He spent the next three days mostly blinded and with a bandage over his eye. I probably shouldn't have told some of his students that his eye had to be popped out and now he keeps it in his pocket, especially since little Jaime with his blue glasses looked like he was going to cry after I told him. Oops.

The Girls playing Wii Bowling against the priests and monitors outside when the kids had gone to bed, but all GIANT ON A BIG SCREEN! Amazing! And we won too!

Loopy Limerick Lass
scoring three different fellas out one night, and getting a mortifying surprise during a crisp factory tour we had one Wednesday with the kids when she ran into one of them there, as that's where he in fact worked.

Me drinking so much of this deadly Spanish rum one night that the barman gave me a free one and I sang Love Shack all by myself for everyone when we got back to the school.

Everyone drinking so much of the aforementioned rum, €4 supermarket vodka, cheap wine, lethally strong but exceptionally tasty punch and one night in particular, an actual BUCKET of Mojitos (which I made sure I was sitting next to) that there were plenty of hangovers such as this one:

Oh and on our last night, most of us had gone to bed by 12.30 seeing as the night before had been a session that lasted till 6 in the morning, 7 for some. However the priests and a few of the monitors had other ideas, in that they arrived up to our rooms at 1.30 to bang on our doors to get us up to drink with them. They also stole everyone's left shoe at one point, played Suck & Blow with us, threw the Limerick Lass into the pool one night, tried to throw me in the following night and insisted on teaching us a Spanish song at 2.00 one morning when we were all exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. But they wouldn't let us.

Yeah, priests and a monk played Suck & Blow with us. Hilarious and downright weird.

Espcially since I was standing next to the monk.


  1. It looks like so much fun.

    **glances out the window at the clouds and sulks**

  2. wow, you lucky things. i don't know what suck and blow is but priests and monks playing it can't be good. my mind boggles. lol
    Townygirl x

  3. Haha Towny, it's a game where you pass a card around in a circle, but you have to hold it by sucking and pass it on to the person next to you by, you guessed it! Blowing! Not half as durty as it sounds! Kinda.

  4. He he. Sounds perfect. Suck and blow with the dudes. Great.

    Glad you had a nice one!


    ps. and i don't normally say this, but the Word Verification is


    Oh my.


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