Thursday, August 13, 2009

Run Forrest Run

So a couple of weeks ago i decided to get up off my lazy arse and start running! So with the help of the lovely and far too energetic Tina and a couple more beauts off we ran. We would meet up in Herbert park every Tues and Thursday at 6.30 for 8 wks and we ran and walked until we were able to run at least 30 mins non stop!! I secretly thought to myself if i get to 20 I'll be happy! (two weeks ago i ran for an hour).

If any of you out there want to lose weight and quite literally feel great then i can't recommend it enough! after each run you feel absolutely brill you really do.

So anyway i just entered my first fun run there for the Simon Community that's happening on the 10th of October in the Phoenix park! It's a five mile run and apparently its a bit hilly which could be tough going but sure feck it what else am i going to be doing of a sat!!

if you want to sponser me all you have to is click here and enter the number 1047 into the Individual Race Number slot and login. It's my first run and i don't want to turn up on the day empty handed so please give what you can!!

Thanks Guys!!!

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