Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Finally it's here: Rate My Toilet

So our friends Caz and Maz have started a blog. Basically they are going to post pics of toilet graffiti from the bogs and loos of Dublin first and hopefully Cork and a few more cities to boot!! And if you have seen some funny/interesting/peculiar/words of wisdom in the toilet recently then you can send them in to the girls and they might just post it up!!

It's called, for now, rate my toilet but they are trying to think of a better name so if ye have any let them know that too!!

Check out the blog here


  1. This is why the internet is such a weird place.

    Best Bog Grafitti I ever saw was in a dinky little dive bar in New york. I snuck in with my SLR and took loads of pictures. I must look for them.

  2. oh try and find it lottie and send it into them.



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