Monday, August 24, 2009

Mind The Gap

So at the weekend I was due to climb Ireland's highest mountain, but unfortunately due to high winds and rain we had to abandon that idea and instead we were taken along the Kerry way and the Gap of Dunlow. We met up with everyone outside Kate Kearney's Cottage at the foot of the hills. The music was blaring out of the doors while we stood outside gearing up for our walk, sorry, climb up the slopes. The rain started to pelt down almost as soon as we started but it didn't dampen our spirits and after bout an hour of walking I stopped trying to avoid the puddles/streams of water as by then I was pretty much a puddle myself!

It had all the ingredients to ensure a bad experience rain, wind, rain, constant walking and more rain and by rights I should be cursing the Gap of Dunlow but it was brilliant I felt great after it as the video on the guides blog states!!

All our friends and family thought we were a wee bit crazy to do it and sure why not! you'll have that!!


  1. mad but fun. fair play to you. crazy loons. i trust you had a medicinal drinky afterwards? ;)
    Townygirl x

  2. Towny i was so knackered by then! we had a our brekkie in a fancy hotel with the guides then we headed home to a shower and my bed!!

    I think night kayacking (sp) is next on the cards!

    oh and it was me and my sister that did kitty was tucked up in bed!!!

  3. It actually sounds like fun. Once you are "weather proofed" marching around in the lashings is great fun.


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