Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello Sailor!

On Saturday, I found myself charity shop shopping yet again, only this time in Dun Laoghaire with the Bear and the Dapper Man, our reasoning being that rich fuckers must have deadly stuff to give away. The Bear scored another fifteen or so videos, one of which was Animaniacs and I'm not ashamed to say I squeaked with excitement when I saw it.

But before that...

There was the dress...

What a dress...

And it was only €9 too...

And and and it has A BIG RED ANCHOR! Look!

Needless to say I love it to tiny pieces and think I might get one of those red underskirts to floof it out at the end. Which, I believe, is the technical term. Oh it's so much fun to twirl around in. Awesome-o. Two thousand. And fifty.

Sunday brought the First Anniversary of the Fashion Bloggers Brunch in the superswanky Harvey Nichols restaurant, and with it some savage goody bags and rather tasty and tiny food that made it quite easy for me to pretend I was a giant, féach ar seo!

There was also the choice of a Champagne Bellini or Bloody Mary on entry, which got me all excited as I'd never tried a Bloody Mary before and in my excitement I somehow managed to forget that I don't actually like tomato...or tabasco. I was reminded pretty sharply after the first taste though. Lesson learned.


  1. beautiful dress. what an excellent find. well done.
    Townygirl x

  2. Thanks Towny! I love it, I'm going to wear it to a wedding in France in September and everything! Hooray!

  3. Gorgeous dress KittyCat, and it'll even greater with an underskirt. I love that you have a red bow in your hair to match! Can I ask which charity shop you found it in? I do often be out in Dun Laoghaire charity-shop hunting!

    I loved Animaniacs! They gave the world one of my favouritest ever cartoons, Pinky and the Brain. I LOVED pinky and the Brain. I'd buy it on DVD if ever they'd release it!

  4. That dress is amazing!!! It looks like it was made to fit you!

  5. Whee! Thanks guys! I got it in Age Action in DL Hermione, and as far as I know Animaniacs is out on Region 1 DVD but not Region 2 which is just lousy really.

  6. Hello Sailor! Wow it's so pretty.

    I actually have one of those underskirts at home in red. Got it in Retro in George's arcade for €60 which is a bit pricey. You could probably pick one up on e-bay for cheap.

  7. I was in Retro yesterday on my hunt for an underskirt and nearly laughed in the girl's face, sixty shaggin euro! Kinda defeats the whole point of finding a dress for nine quid. I'm currently Googling "how to make an underskirt" and thinking my crafty Mammy and her sewing machine may have a solution!

  8. @KC - I know it is ludicrously expensive. Did you try the stall at the other side of the arcade? They are cheaper there.

    I tried to make an underskirt before but it was just a pain in the bum. By the time you've bought the material etc etc and spent the time it's just not worth the bother.

    Really - Try E-Bay!

  9. Fantastic dress!!
    Those skirts are insanely easy to make, and the netting is only 2.50 a meter in Hickeys. Word of warning though wear a light slip as they chafe horribly.


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