Friday, August 07, 2009

Charity Shop Deadlyness

Last Saturday, the Bear and I hit the stretch of charity shops along Rathmines and Camden Street. I may have mentioned his love of VHS tapes here before, and what was to follow was something of a haul on his part. Age Action were flogging three videos for a euro you see, and they just so happened to have the first six Star Trek movies heaped on the table, along with a tape in a box with no cover that had the label half peeled off, leaving only D-E-A-T and half a H as the title and 1975 on it. We decided to get it based on the hope that it would turn out to be Deathwish, starring Charles Bronson.

And it was. Oh yes it was.

The Irish Cancer Society shop just down the road also proved worth a visit, since we had barely gotten in the door when the Bear froze, with a face lit up like it was Christmas morning in the 80s and gasped "An...Atari.....2600". And there it was, all in its bosca with a sticker on it saying it was a mere tenner. Any of his male friends that have seen it since have had the exact same reaction of amazement, whereas any girls that spot it are decidedly nonplussed. I don't actually remember Ataris myself, but based on his excitement, this is quite a coup for his inner ten year old self. And lo, here it be, along with the twenty-odd videos he ended up with too (and my feet):

I scored a Topshop skirt for six euro in the SVP shop in Rathmines which I was pretty happy with, not least because it's got a BIG RED BUTTON OF DEADLYNESS on it. Ahem. And here too, it is:


  1. I'm going to need that Atari 2600.

    Y'see when I was 10 I got one for Christmas, but it broke on Christmas morning.
    My da brought it back to Santa the next day, but the new one we got broke too.
    Long story short, after 5 more out of the box broken Atari 2600's I never got to play it as the Da got his money back off Santa and I got a bike instead.

    Your selfish boyfriend now has his second working Atari 2600 of his life and I never had one.

    I'll email you my address and will expect delivery promptly.

    I thank you.

  2. switswoo on the nails and the skinniness of you!!

  3. Maxi: bout no?

    Anne-Marie: Danke m'lady! I do love that nail polish its so lovely and bluey blue!


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