Friday, August 14, 2009

American Apparel: Great If You're a 1980s Stripper

So I went for a little looksee in the new American Apparel shop on Grafton Street last week.

I never realised there was such a demand for Lycra bodysuits in Dublin, nor did I realise how many different kinds of lamé there were too. Clearly I was mistaken in thinking that one type was quite enough.

I'm sure there's some nice stuff in there somewhere, although it's most likely made of jersey material and not likely to be kind to any squidgy jiggly bits one might have. And seriously, who, apart from a background skankbag in a Snoop Dogg video is actually going to wear something like this?

Then again, maybe their target market for this kind of stuff is actually an ice skater from 1987 who pole dances on the side...just like Jennifer Beals' friend in Flashdance. Hey maybe she was their inspiration! Ah, it all comes together at last...


  1. I have been staying well away, covering my eye line and quickening my step as I pass by. Maybe come pay-day I will pop in for a goo.

  2. I have to say I dont get it either - but Im the sort of person who needs stuff with a tailored waist etc and wouldnt be able to even look at anything bodycon.

  3. ah it's not as bad as that granted it has the one too many lame items in there, grand though for leggings, tee shirts and cami's.

    sure we can all strike it right


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