Monday, August 24, 2009

Mind The Gap

So at the weekend I was due to climb Ireland's highest mountain, but unfortunately due to high winds and rain we had to abandon that idea and instead we were taken along the Kerry way and the Gap of Dunlow. We met up with everyone outside Kate Kearney's Cottage at the foot of the hills. The music was blaring out of the doors while we stood outside gearing up for our walk, sorry, climb up the slopes. The rain started to pelt down almost as soon as we started but it didn't dampen our spirits and after bout an hour of walking I stopped trying to avoid the puddles/streams of water as by then I was pretty much a puddle myself!

It had all the ingredients to ensure a bad experience rain, wind, rain, constant walking and more rain and by rights I should be cursing the Gap of Dunlow but it was brilliant I felt great after it as the video on the guides blog states!!

All our friends and family thought we were a wee bit crazy to do it and sure why not! you'll have that!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Weekend i will be....

On top of the tallest mountain in ireland and i can't wait!

Just want to remind people about this as well, give whatever you can even if it's a euro it's for a good cause!!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Professional Avoidance

Watching far too much Murder She Wrote.

Making Rice Krispie buns.

Reading, nay, LOVING The Princess Bride book.

Spinning around in my lovely anchor dress.

Making orange flavoured Rice Krispie buns after having a dream about them.

Anything to avoid looking for a job.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello Sailor!

On Saturday, I found myself charity shop shopping yet again, only this time in Dun Laoghaire with the Bear and the Dapper Man, our reasoning being that rich fuckers must have deadly stuff to give away. The Bear scored another fifteen or so videos, one of which was Animaniacs and I'm not ashamed to say I squeaked with excitement when I saw it.

But before that...

There was the dress...

What a dress...

And it was only €9 too...

And and and it has A BIG RED ANCHOR! Look!

Needless to say I love it to tiny pieces and think I might get one of those red underskirts to floof it out at the end. Which, I believe, is the technical term. Oh it's so much fun to twirl around in. Awesome-o. Two thousand. And fifty.

Sunday brought the First Anniversary of the Fashion Bloggers Brunch in the superswanky Harvey Nichols restaurant, and with it some savage goody bags and rather tasty and tiny food that made it quite easy for me to pretend I was a giant, féach ar seo!

There was also the choice of a Champagne Bellini or Bloody Mary on entry, which got me all excited as I'd never tried a Bloody Mary before and in my excitement I somehow managed to forget that I don't actually like tomato...or tabasco. I was reminded pretty sharply after the first taste though. Lesson learned.

Friday, August 14, 2009

American Apparel: Great If You're a 1980s Stripper

So I went for a little looksee in the new American Apparel shop on Grafton Street last week.

I never realised there was such a demand for Lycra bodysuits in Dublin, nor did I realise how many different kinds of lamé there were too. Clearly I was mistaken in thinking that one type was quite enough.

I'm sure there's some nice stuff in there somewhere, although it's most likely made of jersey material and not likely to be kind to any squidgy jiggly bits one might have. And seriously, who, apart from a background skankbag in a Snoop Dogg video is actually going to wear something like this?

Then again, maybe their target market for this kind of stuff is actually an ice skater from 1987 who pole dances on the side...just like Jennifer Beals' friend in Flashdance. Hey maybe she was their inspiration! Ah, it all comes together at last...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Run Forrest Run

So a couple of weeks ago i decided to get up off my lazy arse and start running! So with the help of the lovely and far too energetic Tina and a couple more beauts off we ran. We would meet up in Herbert park every Tues and Thursday at 6.30 for 8 wks and we ran and walked until we were able to run at least 30 mins non stop!! I secretly thought to myself if i get to 20 I'll be happy! (two weeks ago i ran for an hour).

If any of you out there want to lose weight and quite literally feel great then i can't recommend it enough! after each run you feel absolutely brill you really do.

So anyway i just entered my first fun run there for the Simon Community that's happening on the 10th of October in the Phoenix park! It's a five mile run and apparently its a bit hilly which could be tough going but sure feck it what else am i going to be doing of a sat!!

if you want to sponser me all you have to is click here and enter the number 1047 into the Individual Race Number slot and login. It's my first run and i don't want to turn up on the day empty handed so please give what you can!!

Thanks Guys!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Charity Shop Deadlyness

Last Saturday, the Bear and I hit the stretch of charity shops along Rathmines and Camden Street. I may have mentioned his love of VHS tapes here before, and what was to follow was something of a haul on his part. Age Action were flogging three videos for a euro you see, and they just so happened to have the first six Star Trek movies heaped on the table, along with a tape in a box with no cover that had the label half peeled off, leaving only D-E-A-T and half a H as the title and 1975 on it. We decided to get it based on the hope that it would turn out to be Deathwish, starring Charles Bronson.

And it was. Oh yes it was.

The Irish Cancer Society shop just down the road also proved worth a visit, since we had barely gotten in the door when the Bear froze, with a face lit up like it was Christmas morning in the 80s and gasped "An...Atari.....2600". And there it was, all in its bosca with a sticker on it saying it was a mere tenner. Any of his male friends that have seen it since have had the exact same reaction of amazement, whereas any girls that spot it are decidedly nonplussed. I don't actually remember Ataris myself, but based on his excitement, this is quite a coup for his inner ten year old self. And lo, here it be, along with the twenty-odd videos he ended up with too (and my feet):

I scored a Topshop skirt for six euro in the SVP shop in Rathmines which I was pretty happy with, not least because it's got a BIG RED BUTTON OF DEADLYNESS on it. Ahem. And here too, it is:

Spinning Ninjas! Slow-Mo Doves! Fonzie Clones!

It turns out out that it IS in fact possible to make Total Eclipse of the Heart EVEN MORE AWESOME.

Crazy old Bonnie Tyler.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Finally it's here: Rate My Toilet

So our friends Caz and Maz have started a blog. Basically they are going to post pics of toilet graffiti from the bogs and loos of Dublin first and hopefully Cork and a few more cities to boot!! And if you have seen some funny/interesting/peculiar/words of wisdom in the toilet recently then you can send them in to the girls and they might just post it up!!

It's called, for now, rate my toilet but they are trying to think of a better name so if ye have any let them know that too!!

Check out the blog here

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Spain In (As Small) A Nutshell (As I Can Manage)

Apart from the English classes and evening activities with the kids, there were shenanigans aplenty for us teachers this year in Summer School. Such as...

Midlands Man who spoke at 100mph having to go to hospital with appendicitis in the second week, which subsequently led to a game of Pin the Appendix on MM one night.

Dizzy Redhead
getting in a fight with a local skanger for kicking the window of her car and getting punched in the face for her trouble.

Grouchy Dude
swearing like a sailor and scandalising the other girl teachers with his liberal use of the word cunt. He also got his cock out one night while wearing a dress (there were two priests and a monk in the room at the time, but like me, I think they only saw his arse) and lacerated his eyeball on the second last night with a piece of straw from a sombrero eating incident. He spent the next three days mostly blinded and with a bandage over his eye. I probably shouldn't have told some of his students that his eye had to be popped out and now he keeps it in his pocket, especially since little Jaime with his blue glasses looked like he was going to cry after I told him. Oops.

The Girls playing Wii Bowling against the priests and monitors outside when the kids had gone to bed, but all GIANT ON A BIG SCREEN! Amazing! And we won too!

Loopy Limerick Lass
scoring three different fellas out one night, and getting a mortifying surprise during a crisp factory tour we had one Wednesday with the kids when she ran into one of them there, as that's where he in fact worked.

Me drinking so much of this deadly Spanish rum one night that the barman gave me a free one and I sang Love Shack all by myself for everyone when we got back to the school.

Everyone drinking so much of the aforementioned rum, €4 supermarket vodka, cheap wine, lethally strong but exceptionally tasty punch and one night in particular, an actual BUCKET of Mojitos (which I made sure I was sitting next to) that there were plenty of hangovers such as this one:

Oh and on our last night, most of us had gone to bed by 12.30 seeing as the night before had been a session that lasted till 6 in the morning, 7 for some. However the priests and a few of the monitors had other ideas, in that they arrived up to our rooms at 1.30 to bang on our doors to get us up to drink with them. They also stole everyone's left shoe at one point, played Suck & Blow with us, threw the Limerick Lass into the pool one night, tried to throw me in the following night and insisted on teaching us a Spanish song at 2.00 one morning when we were all exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. But they wouldn't let us.

Yeah, priests and a monk played Suck & Blow with us. Hilarious and downright weird.

Espcially since I was standing next to the monk.