Saturday, July 04, 2009


Well look who came crawling back, tis I! Week One is almost down in the Summer School Big Brother house, and seeing as I unintentionally slept in today and missed the excursion to a nearby city due to unforseen circumstances involving a bottle of four euro vodka and falling to bed at 5.30, still convinced I´d be up in time for the bus, I actually have time to bagsie the ancient computer and blog a little!

Things I´ve Been Up To This Week

Having the craic with the Londoner, a 6´4" combination of Frank Spencer, Lurch and Pat Kenny, who will be 50 in August and speaks Spanish with an English accent.

Getting hammered and showing off my innie/outie bellybutton trick. Twice.

Ordering a heap of chickpeas to make hummus with the kids in Cuisine class, only to find we´d been given twelve tins of peas instead. And rice.

Missing the Bear like a mad yoke altogether.

Getting my heart broken by 11 year old Javier who has spent the week in tears because he wants to go home and his parents aren´t coming to see him on Sunday like the other kids. Bastards.

Watching Monsters Inc en Espanol and discovering that Spanish for Kitty is in fact Gatita.

Getting a sunburned arse out by the pool while correcting exams. It´d better be gone by the time our day trip to the water park next Wednesday rolls around, otherwise it´ll certainly make slides rather painful.

Trying to come up with a collective noun for cunts. We got as far as a delegation of cunts or an Ard Fheis of cunts.

Suggestions welcome.


  1. A quaggle of qunts?

    iFantastico, Gatita!

  2. A cognunta of cunts. I can't do the squiggly thing over the n but since there was a Spanglish vibe to your post... Cono (con squigglything) is cunt in Hespanish so....conunta of cunts...


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