Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tan Lines O'Clock

Well I've been back since Sunday night, but what with all the sleeping and unpacking and um...catching up with the Bear and sleeping some more, I'm only getting around to my poor neglected half of the blog now. I'm sorry little blog, don't look at me like that, here have a Jaffa Cake...better now?

So the month that was Summer School was truly one of scandal, scoring, cross dressing, cheese factories, sombrero eating, rum drinking and the odd hospital visit thrown in too for the craic. But more of that later. For the moment you'll just have to be happy with these pictures of me very nearly getting thrown into the swimming pool by a priest, a monk and the school doctor's nephew. Cheeky bastards.

The only reason I didn't end up with my new spotty gĂșna soaked in chlorine was because they had forgotten the key for the gate into the pool. Even then I was lucky though, since they've been known to pitch previous victims over the railings and then into the water, so all in all a broken button on my dress wasn't too bad an outcome I guess.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Suddenly Seeking Me!

Apparently it's all about the rock chick look these days so I'm channelling madonna circa "suddenly seeking susan" (remember...? when she was cool) with this little number. Now I do fill it out a wee bit more on the hip department but it still looks cool, well I think so anyway. From €51 to €29.99 but on the website it's down to £19.99 sure you couldn't leave it behind! Now i'm off to buy their grey jeggings!

F**cking Class

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i really hope it's not this guy

"well i was minding my own buisness, eating a monkey nut and this guy came out of nowhere with a friggin' camera, he said it was for a nature programme but after seeing this on yahoo, well, i just feel so cheap."
alvin also said that the diseased rotents are only a bad element in the chipmunk community as a whole. The camera man was not available for comment

In case you were in any doubt

Friday, July 17, 2009

Table Quiz

Hey so a friend of mine is having a table quiz next week on thursday in Scruffy Murphy's its for charity, (Habitat Ireland) he's heading off to India for himself to built a few homes! It's a good cause so if your about you should call in! This is the email that was sent for all the details!

Hi Everyone,

Do you like pitting your wits against strangers in a test of who can answer the most, simple to medium difficulty, questions whilst battling against the effects of alcohol? You do???! Then read on for all your dreams are about to melt into one night of ultimate quiz based satisfaction!

As some of you may know, Myself and Barry are involved with a team to India on the 26th of July with Habitat for Humanity to help build houses. 

As part of our fundraising efforts for the trip to build houses in India, we are holding a Quiz Night at Scruffy Murphy’s Pub (Scruffy Murphy's Powers Court, Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2 The Quiz is on Thursday the 23rd of July at Eight O’Clock.

The cost is only €10 per person and there should be no more than four people per team. It is sure to be an averagely great night and we would love for you to join us!!

Proceedings kick off at eight o’clock on Thursday the 23rd of July and with all joking aside this is a very worthwhile charity and we really would appreciate everyone’s support. It’d also be a great help if people forward this on to their friends, family and co-workers so we can try to get as many people to attend as possible!

I’ll be sending hourly reminders but if you have any questions or even if you’d like to donate something for a prize for the night please don’t hesitate to contact myself ( or barry (


Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi I'm Bruce

I totally would! 

Bruce you rock!!
For more pics take a look at darren's post on

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Who's changed the most?

Harry Premier

So the Harry Potter premier was on last night and I had a wee look there on the interweb at some of the frocks and I think Emma Watson looked flawless! Not sure about Daniel Radcliffs gettup but sure I suppose he's allowed what with him being a famous person and all!! However Helena what the...???
Yea I suppose it's nice, actually no wait, it is nice yea you look well. Oww oww

What the??? I think your amazing Helena but I dunno really, mmm.

Yea looking good Luna, can't really see the shoes but I don't think I like them, also dress could be fitted better too.

Fecking Stunner!!!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fit Flops

So I received my pair of fit flops there before the weekend and have been living in them ever since. The toe post is a bit on the big side but you get use to it and they are very comfy to walk in and hopefully the inches will fall off so fast i'll be tripping over them! And they are not that bad looking either! So thanks to i blog fashion and katie at for them!

Oi!!! Carrot Top!

Yes that's me now, well for a while anyway. On thursday I went into Halo Blonde and came out a red head! Not much of a change for me as I tend to change my hair as much as my pants!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Well look who came crawling back, tis I! Week One is almost down in the Summer School Big Brother house, and seeing as I unintentionally slept in today and missed the excursion to a nearby city due to unforseen circumstances involving a bottle of four euro vodka and falling to bed at 5.30, still convinced I´d be up in time for the bus, I actually have time to bagsie the ancient computer and blog a little!

Things I´ve Been Up To This Week

Having the craic with the Londoner, a 6´4" combination of Frank Spencer, Lurch and Pat Kenny, who will be 50 in August and speaks Spanish with an English accent.

Getting hammered and showing off my innie/outie bellybutton trick. Twice.

Ordering a heap of chickpeas to make hummus with the kids in Cuisine class, only to find we´d been given twelve tins of peas instead. And rice.

Missing the Bear like a mad yoke altogether.

Getting my heart broken by 11 year old Javier who has spent the week in tears because he wants to go home and his parents aren´t coming to see him on Sunday like the other kids. Bastards.

Watching Monsters Inc en Espanol and discovering that Spanish for Kitty is in fact Gatita.

Getting a sunburned arse out by the pool while correcting exams. It´d better be gone by the time our day trip to the water park next Wednesday rolls around, otherwise it´ll certainly make slides rather painful.

Trying to come up with a collective noun for cunts. We got as far as a delegation of cunts or an Ard Fheis of cunts.

Suggestions welcome.