Monday, June 22, 2009

Una Cerveza Con Limon Por Favor

In an effort to postpone any potential job hunting I could or should be doing, this coming Saturday at 6.20am (ungodly hour of the morning courtesy of Aer Lingus), I'll be hightailing it to a Summer School in the north of Spain that I worked in for July 2006 and 2007. That's right, with ne'er a TEFL to my name and six words of Spanish, I'm actually an English teacher in disguise. I'll be gone for four weeks, and although I'll miss the Bear and Tayto crisps like crazy, I'm looking forward to the day trips to bread factories and water parks, tortilla, cheap supermarket booze, acting the maggot in the swimming pool, tortilla and drinking games with the Spanish priests that run the school. Of course there's the actual teaching of classes in the morning and two hours of activities with the kids in the evening too but it's a pretty sweet deal even though you do have to go to mass on Sunday mornings.


  1. I'm so JEALOUS!

    tortilla y canas. sweet.

  2. But you'll still come back and visit us from time to time?

    I've often wondered about these courses. Do you have a curriculum to follow? How do you deal with kids who have no English?

  3. well lottie its a simple rule of thumb; TFC. (trash 'em and fuck 'em in the canal)

  4. @Sarah - I know! I caƱa wait! Ahem.

    @Lottie - I'll try to blog while I'm over there although I can't quite guarantee much in the way of quality or quantity for that matter! With this course we're given a list of topics to teach the kids, stuff like the body, home, clothes, things like that and we have to plan the lessons using books they have in the school. 99% of the kids will have English though cos they do it as a subject in school during the year. Although one year there was a Korean kid who had no Spanish or English, which was...interesting. Wasn't in my class though thank feck!

  5. I'd love to do something like that!How did you get into it? Does it cost much? Is it really lots of fun yea?


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