Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tcup Aloud

Hi ya'll so as you can see from the post below we were at Imelda May there on Saturday, and all I can say is she's class!! Go and see her! Anyway we decided as a treat we'd get our make-up done in mac in Brown Thomas. We had the tickets bought ages ago so we were able to book the make up as well usually you have to wait about two months before you get an appointment, so we were lucky. Anyway I wanted fake eyelashes for the event also, so I went out and bought the new Girls Aloud lashes and as I adore Sarah Harding (ie my hair) I bought her cute lashes. They are all different lenghts and styles but they have loads of lashes as opposed to the Mac ones that seem to be more far apart than the girls ones, and not as styled.

That's me on the left!!

The girl was a bit wary at first about putting on my eyelashes as they weren't mac but she did it anyway "just hide the box" so thanks for that! She also thought me about what colours I should be using on my eyes as they are blue. She said that I should be wearing warm tones to make my eyes pop and pop they did!! I was stuck in a rut before with regards to my eyes I always used to wear blacks or grays on my eyes. So I will be changing that! I bought the primer as well. Anyone know if thats any good?

So anyhu get the Girls Aloud lashes if you love the cute flirtations with suttle sexy undertones look and for about €7.50 a pop not bad value!

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