Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shopping...it's faaantastic

So in an effort to save money I have decided not to go near town any more as I go in with the best intentions,
"I'll just go in for a look, sure what else am I going to do on my day off,"

Now i'll admit this particular purchase wasn't an impulse buy I had been eying up this beaut for about 2 weeks. Now I wasn't at the obsessive, 'must have' phase yet so I just thought I'd nip that in the bud and buy it anyway! The only thing with this is, if your a big boobbed gal like meself you will have to wear a cami (hate that word) underneath or add a little button to cover your modesty! Or feck it! let it all hang out!!
This wasn't in the sale (grr..) but €36 isn't too bad! a|wear

No these are NOT harem pants, something like them though but without the god awful dropped crouch! These are peg leg trousers and are the most comfy pair of pants I have! I will probably live in these over the summer!! these were €33. Which I thought was good considering how much they are on line €24.99 so about the sameish. I also love how I can team them up with a pair of killer gladiator style heels for sexy parties or wear a pair of flats for some down time!



  1. those pants look great. Happy wearing!

  2. I love the pants, Tcup. In fact, I may need a a pair just like them ;)

  3. I love love love that dress. It's gorgeous!

  4. yea the pance are fab hopefully with all the running i've been doing lately i'll still be able to fit into them!! hee hee

  5. Tcup - I am having this problem with the running and the clothes not fitting too! It's a great excuse to treat yourself to more pretty things though.

  6. That dress is adorable...damn A|Wear and their pretty dresses...

  7. Wah! I just bought these too! How hot are they on!!??? I mean seriously, don't they just make you want to throw out all your other pants and start a new pants wardrobe based exclusive on these pants?


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