Saturday, June 27, 2009

She's gone (she gone) oh i. oh i..i gotta learn how to face it

So herself is off in another few hours off to sunnier climbs, (the lucky ca!) leaving me to fend for myself for the month! woe is me! so anyway

things i hope she leaves behind

1, her nice black belt
2, her lemon aid (make up)
3, her hairdryer
4, her black leopard print top/dress
5, her blue and navy stripy light sweater!
6, her top hat 
7, her (woeful) tankini she had the last time
8, her red lippy

things i hope she takes with her

1, dignity
2, pride 
3, self worth
4, plenty of clean under wear!!

bye kitty *whispers forever


  1. Ha ha! That tankini was not woeful ya cah! And you can get your own damn red lippy! You may borrow the navy cardi though.

  2. Bye Kitty - don['t forget to bring us back some rock.


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