Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mmmmm pillows

How cool are these pillows more designs can be found here. Here's a bit about them.

Claire Eglizeaud and Paul Moreau, a designer and a graphic artist from Bordeaux developped "Bonjour mon coussin" in 2007, a new and surprising concept.

They have created a wide range of designs and offer them as pillow covers. The motifs are original, regularly renewed and inspired by old documents found (vintage postcards, an 1873 marriage certificate, old publicity…) or drawn from their own world (voyages, divers and unusual objects...) The pillows are unique objects made in France. Particular care is taken to match the back to the front ; the fabrics used for the back varying from one cover to the next. Each cover is numbered and the number of copies limited.

The pillow covers are compatible with the IKEA standard sizes (35X35, 50X50, 72X72 cms). You can order the covers only or the complete pillows.

Just as well Ikea are opening soon so, well i say soon more like within the next 12 months...right?


  1. Chocolate cushions...yes yes yes.

  2. I want them all!! They're fab, I love really unique stuff in the apartment

  3. Wow! I'm seriously impressed!


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