Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Totally Stealing My Thunder

I'm turning a quarter of a century old today and last night, just after midnight (so it WAS technically my birthday) the Bear went and revealed one of my presents, which made my jaw drop open so suddenly it actually cracked a little. I loved Watchmen. I ADORE pin up girl art. So the big legendary bag of deadly went and got me the very print I had drooled over at the end of this post. The Sally Jupiter picture from the Comedian's apartment. A. Mazing. And because I love looking at it so much I'm reposting it here.

And I'll get back to packing for Spain any minute now...yep...soon as I can stop staring at my present....aaaany minute now.....


  1. cumpleanos feliz kitty kat!

  2. Happy Big Ones, Kitty.

    Enjoy the vacciones chica :)

  3. Happy presents day! Think that's bad?
    My friend gave birth as the MJ news broke - everyone was like "Epidural? Great, wow, shut up I'm watching the fucking news!"


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