Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The 11th fbb part 2

I almost forgot I won a pair of fit flops at the Fashion Bloggers Brunch!! Cant wait to get my mits on them!! Yea go me!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shia The Beef

I know kitty doesn't like him but i really like this interview he did and how he was with 'Samantha' at about 4.47 very sweet!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fashion Bloggers Brunch part 11

So I'm on my tod for July therefore I am going solo on the auld blog till herself decides to come back into the real world. First port of call on the solo run was the 11th fbb in the Lee showrooms on Fownes St. in Temple Bar, fab space and the general vibe was that we would quiet like to live there! Really good space for an exhibition as well. Delicious food and goodie bags too (a fab new black lee belt, some deo for my b.o.! and a Ben & Jerry's canvass mala to boot!) choons were supplied by trendspot.ie a few Mick Jackson songs were noted and Wham's 'Club Tropicana' fecking love that song!! 

For pics check out i blog fashion

Oh and some schmuck with a camera took our photos for The Examiner I blame him for breaking my necklace!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

She's gone (she gone) oh i. oh i..i gotta learn how to face it

So herself is off in another few hours off to sunnier climbs, (the lucky ca!) leaving me to fend for myself for the month! woe is me! so anyway

things i hope she leaves behind

1, her nice black belt
2, her lemon aid (make up)
3, her hairdryer
4, her black leopard print top/dress
5, her blue and navy stripy light sweater!
6, her top hat 
7, her (woeful) tankini she had the last time
8, her red lippy

things i hope she takes with her

1, dignity
2, pride 
3, self worth
4, plenty of clean under wear!!

bye kitty *whispers forever

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Totally Stealing My Thunder

I'm turning a quarter of a century old today and last night, just after midnight (so it WAS technically my birthday) the Bear went and revealed one of my presents, which made my jaw drop open so suddenly it actually cracked a little. I loved Watchmen. I ADORE pin up girl art. So the big legendary bag of deadly went and got me the very print I had drooled over at the end of this post. The Sally Jupiter picture from the Comedian's apartment. A. Mazing. And because I love looking at it so much I'm reposting it here.

And I'll get back to packing for Spain any minute now...yep...soon as I can stop staring at my present....aaaany minute now.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


How class are these images!!

They are from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. And I found these images and more here

Shopping...it's faaantastic

So in an effort to save money I have decided not to go near town any more as I go in with the best intentions,
"I'll just go in for a look, sure what else am I going to do on my day off,"

Now i'll admit this particular purchase wasn't an impulse buy I had been eying up this beaut for about 2 weeks. Now I wasn't at the obsessive, 'must have' phase yet so I just thought I'd nip that in the bud and buy it anyway! The only thing with this is, if your a big boobbed gal like meself you will have to wear a cami (hate that word) underneath or add a little button to cover your modesty! Or feck it! let it all hang out!!
This wasn't in the sale (grr..) but €36 isn't too bad! a|wear

No these are NOT harem pants, something like them though but without the god awful dropped crouch! These are peg leg trousers and are the most comfy pair of pants I have! I will probably live in these over the summer!! these were €33. Which I thought was good considering how much they are on line €24.99 so about the sameish. I also love how I can team them up with a pair of killer gladiator style heels for sexy parties or wear a pair of flats for some down time!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Una Cerveza Con Limon Por Favor

In an effort to postpone any potential job hunting I could or should be doing, this coming Saturday at 6.20am (ungodly hour of the morning courtesy of Aer Lingus), I'll be hightailing it to a Summer School in the north of Spain that I worked in for July 2006 and 2007. That's right, with ne'er a TEFL to my name and six words of Spanish, I'm actually an English teacher in disguise. I'll be gone for four weeks, and although I'll miss the Bear and Tayto crisps like crazy, I'm looking forward to the day trips to bread factories and water parks, tortilla, cheap supermarket booze, acting the maggot in the swimming pool, tortilla and drinking games with the Spanish priests that run the school. Of course there's the actual teaching of classes in the morning and two hours of activities with the kids in the evening too but it's a pretty sweet deal even though you do have to go to mass on Sunday mornings.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mmmmm pillows

How cool are these pillows more designs can be found here. Here's a bit about them.

Claire Eglizeaud and Paul Moreau, a designer and a graphic artist from Bordeaux developped "Bonjour mon coussin" in 2007, a new and surprising concept.

They have created a wide range of designs and offer them as pillow covers. The motifs are original, regularly renewed and inspired by old documents found (vintage postcards, an 1873 marriage certificate, old publicity…) or drawn from their own world (voyages, divers and unusual objects...) The pillows are unique objects made in France. Particular care is taken to match the back to the front ; the fabrics used for the back varying from one cover to the next. Each cover is numbered and the number of copies limited.

The pillow covers are compatible with the IKEA standard sizes (35X35, 50X50, 72X72 cms). You can order the covers only or the complete pillows.

Just as well Ikea are opening soon so, well i say soon more like within the next 12 months...right?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Like Fr. Noel Furlong

Up until now, there has been only one person on my list of enemies. That person is Shia La Fuckface. And maybe the people who ring up radio stations and still, after all the years of radio phone-ins don't realise that they have to turn down their own fucking radio before talking on air. Anyway. A new name has been added. This guy.
J...G...Murphy. Come on down, as they say.

Late last Monday night, the Bear was flicking through the channels and landed on PlayTV, TV3's new interactive phone-in quiz show. He was convinced that he had been out drinking with the presenter after the Munster v Leinster match earlier this year and that he was a friend of a friend's brother. Something like that. But as he was trying to figure out if this was indeed the fella in question, we slowly got unavoidably and ridiculously sucked into the question on the board behind him. A question with two possible answers. A question to perplex and confound. A question for the ages...

What is white?

Polar bears! Snow! Salt! White rhinos! Sugar! No, cos you can get brown sugar. Milk? Hmm, Apple Macs?

No, no, no, no, no, no and no again.

Oh JG, you tricksy little riddler you. My favourite caller was Sandra. The conversation went something like this: (bear in mind that snow had been given as an answer at least four times by now, and was still wrong)

Hi, how are ya, what's your name?

Caller: Sandra.

JG: Hi Sandra, and what's your-

Caller: Sandra.

Sorry, it's Shandra is it?


JG: Right, Sandra. So what's your answer?

Caller: Sandra.

JG: Ok, and what's your answer?

Caller: Sandra. Oh, snow.

Christ. Who are these people? It cost her €1.50 to make that call you know and I kinda wish she was taking the piss but unfortunately I don't think that was the case.

An hour and a half later we were still sitting there, Google and Google Images proving to be no help whatsoever. I had a flash of inspiration at one point and decided the answer is "A colour! White is a colour!". I was delighted with my burst of lateral thinking until John rang in with that very answer and it was declared wrong.

Eventually the Bear decided he'd had enough and was going to bed, so I reluctantly followed because this thing was driving me crazy and it was 1.30 in the morning after all. I googled it the next day. The answers turned out to be soy milk and a white alligator.

I hate that guy.

Tcup Aloud

Hi ya'll so as you can see from the post below we were at Imelda May there on Saturday, and all I can say is she's class!! Go and see her! Anyway we decided as a treat we'd get our make-up done in mac in Brown Thomas. We had the tickets bought ages ago so we were able to book the make up as well usually you have to wait about two months before you get an appointment, so we were lucky. Anyway I wanted fake eyelashes for the event also, so I went out and bought the new Girls Aloud lashes and as I adore Sarah Harding (ie my hair) I bought her cute lashes. They are all different lenghts and styles but they have loads of lashes as opposed to the Mac ones that seem to be more far apart than the girls ones, and not as styled.

That's me on the left!!

The girl was a bit wary at first about putting on my eyelashes as they weren't mac but she did it anyway "just hide the box" so thanks for that! She also thought me about what colours I should be using on my eyes as they are blue. She said that I should be wearing warm tones to make my eyes pop and pop they did!! I was stuck in a rut before with regards to my eyes I always used to wear blacks or grays on my eyes. So I will be changing that! I bought the primer as well. Anyone know if thats any good?

So anyhu get the Girls Aloud lashes if you love the cute flirtations with suttle sexy undertones look and for about €7.50 a pop not bad value!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peach Melda

I'm more than a little in love with the foxy Imelda May at the moment. Myself, Tcup, Marzipan and her sister J hotfooted it to Vicar Street last Saturday for the show and my God does that girl deliver. She shimmied onto the stage in a red leopardskin dress like a Liberties Bettie Page and va va voomed into two hours of solid gold deadly. She made me cry with Falling In Love With You Again and Big Bad Handsome Man is now one of my favourite songs to listen to.

Also, she makes me want to dress like this:

So do yourself a favour, go see her live or at the very least get Love Tattoo and stick it on your iPod. She'll make you walk with a wiggle.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

lazy blogging on a thursday afternoon

If I being honest I couldn't give a rats A|wear is a bit hit and miss these days. I just liked the illustration on the RHS.

Is It Just Me...

Or is Urban Outfitters getting a bit knackery???

I Hate Escala

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

And For My Next Trick...

Ta-daah! At the suggestion of Miss Lottie, behold my newly assembled *extra deep* bookcase. Thing of beauty, ain't she?

(Also, like Tcup said, I promise I'll return to proper non-lazy blogging soon. Ish. Really.)

I'm so so s o sorry (fr. jack style)

We have been neglecting the blog a little of late and for that we apologise. Between moving and job situations and holidaying etc. and all of that it's been a bit of a mad few weeks but i promise normal programming will return shortly!!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Wish Me Luck

The fact that I once had difficulty assembling a linen and timber laundry basket will have no bearing whatsoever on this.

Bring it on, bitch.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Hate Packing I Do

This week, I have been mostly putting off packing up my shit for the impending move of house to lovely shiny Rathmines. I did have fun procrastinating though, attending an extras casting for The Tudors with the Bear (who looks so much the part already I was surprised they didn't create a character for him on the spot and give him his own tavern to run), getting sunburned in the Botanic Gardens while making daisy chains and resurrecting my addiction to cheesy breadsticks from Lidl (try them, go on, I dare you not to finish the box in one sitting. And dunked in Philadelphia? Dear GOD it's like cheesey crunchy heroin.) But the move is nigh, and so the house has mostly been looking like this of late:

Behold the sitting room and my room. Yes, that is a garden gnome. His name is Gerald. So I'm blaming the prior house hunt and subsequent packing for my shameful neglect of the blog lately. Also I was busy working my mad haggling skillz on the letting agent after viewing our new house. A decent house in Rathmines with two bathrooms and three double bedrooms for €1400 a month was pretty good but we reckoned we could chance an aul haggle. But only after I rang my Dad to find out what the hell to say, naturally. And so unfolds a dramatic reconstruction:

Me: Hi, Letting Agent Man (names have been changed), we really like the house and we'd be very interested in taking it. The thing is, we've been looking at places in that area around the €1200 mark, and really that's what would suit us at the moment.

Him: Hmm, okay.

Me: So do you think you could put it to your client?

Him: I'll have to give him a call, I'll get back to you at 2.15.

3.00 rolls around. I've probably called Dad again in the meantime to cover what I should say for every possible outcome.

Him: Right, I've spoken to the landlord and the lowest he's willing to go is €1300.

Me: (In my head: CHA CHING! Fecking deadly!) Okay, I see. Well I'll have to talk to the other girls and I'll give you a call back.

Hooray! So we took it and now myself and Tcup are moving in with our lovely friend Marzipan and everything's going to be so great in lovely Rathmines, not least because there's a deadly bakery around the corner from the house that sell proper fancy buns with mad coloured icing. I think every day will be Cake Day for a while. Or at least until I end up spending all my dole money on cupcakes. SWEET.

Oh and this is my box o'DVDs. Seeing as I'm a nosy bint, I thought some other nosy people might like to try to make out what movies are in the bosca. There's no porn there though.

Why can't i do this?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

So For The Wkend I...

I went to my best buddies farewell do and met the coolest granny ever! Her party piece was "patricia the stripper"!


cool and the gang

I also spend all of saturday with a very energetic two year old

and on sunday I celebrated The BF's birthday! I don't have any pics of that as they were all blurry, full of drunks, pictures with cropped heads and pictures of the floor this was a good idea at the time not so much now though!