Monday, May 11, 2009


Apparently they are looking for a new presenter for xpose. Now maybe you know maybe you don't but i would love to work in telly I have stated in the past that I would happily make tea if it meant that I got to work in tv. I've wanted to do this course for about a year now and I haven't had the cash to do it, could this be my chance?


  1. Oh god no not Xpose....those women make me want to remove my eyes with a toilet plunger and use them as earplugs

  2. Yes but T, you don't sound like a cuntbucket, so you probably won't fit in.

    Good luck could be the change of the year!

  3. sarah such language!!!! i could be the cool wan that every likes off it!

    tbh i dunno if they are even doing it now can't get the link up their site!


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