Friday, May 15, 2009

Tag! we're it

Nice Day Designs has tagged us there you wanna know more check her lovely bloggy wog out!

seven things i did yesterday
1, I didn't do this one, it was done to me! my hours were cut at work. i now work three days!
2, I drank with my friends
3, fake tanned the shit out of myself!
4, borrowed clothes from my buddy, mazatron, for me holiers next week!
5, woke up with a cramp in my calf muscles at around 5am ish! (technically that's today) 
6, made dinner for kitty and myself
7, looked up new houses to live in on daft!

(and a sneaky number 8 i realised i have to stayout of urban outfitters for a while, sniff sniff)

ok i'm tagging lottie, darren, maxi cane, rick oshea, rapture ponies, the sexy pedestrian and sarah gostrangley!!


  1. Thanks T,sounds like a good day. Esp the boozing.

  2. What? Didn't this start out much longer and at 8?

    Since I've already done the first one, 7 things I did yesterday:
    1. Went to my sisters house for dinner
    2. Laughed so hard tea came out my nose
    3. Worked harder than I have worked in months.
    4. Fell asleep to CSI repeats
    5. Stole a pair of shoes form my sister
    6.Helped design a website - okay I picked a colour for the side bar...meh.
    7. Skipped lunch

  3. God damn you straight to hell.


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