Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Magic Shoooes?

Hello my chickens.

I've been off the radar with the last while due to that old unemployment chestnut and a not always reliable internet connection at home. So when I haven't been jumping through hoops for the dole office to prove that yes - I'm still me and no - I don't have a job anymore, here's some of the things I have in fact, been up to.

- Kissing plates of agar at the Science Gallery exhibition, Infectious. Here's mine and the Bear's lovely delicious bacteria a week or so afterwards.

Mmm, sexy! So who wants the shift then?

- Had a brilliant idea after hearing a story about a prank some lads played on their teacher; they stole the gates to his house and put them on a train to Galway, so the next logical step is to make a film out of it to rival Snakes on a Plane. Wait for it...GATES ON A TRAIN. Box office gold, and you know it.

- Went on the lash in Sligo and sweated the vodka and Lucozade out of my system by trekking through The Glen in wellies the next day. I say trekking, I really mean squelching through mud and climbing over bits of trees and getting a bit stuck in said mud on more than one occaisson.

And most importantly, this rather magic of places is where this legendary ad was filmed.

Jealous? YEAH. You should be. It was deadly.


  1. Wow! Total comment fail _ I commented on the wrong post.


    Loved those shoes. Still have key. Off to scold myself.

  2. We did that agar jelly thing in science at school. Smelly Martin, who seldom washed, well, his looked like a post-midnight fed gremlin inside two days, the manky fucker. I didn't ask what part of himself he'd swabbed but I should have because he was actually rather proud.

  3. ok what is going on in the middle photo is someone wearing bermuda shorts and a sports jacket?????


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