Monday, May 18, 2009

Diagnosis Awesome

For some reason I tend to end up being hungover at the Fashion Bloggers Brunches, and last Saturday was no exception. Although tasty bruschetta, Pollo Pesto and magical lemon and strawberry gelato brought me back around, as did the swanky swag bag of Benefit goodies and blogger banter. Score! Annmarie has the scoop and the photos, and ta very much to the Fresh Prince of Kildare for the spin back!

The rest of the weekend was taken up by watching the Blues Brothers, (for the first time no less. It's amazing.) the Eurovision, (although I missed Dita performing with the German entry. Raging.) and discovering a feature length episode of Diagnosis Murder that had MATLOCK in it. I kinda fell asleep during it though, but was kindly woken up by the Bear's housemate to catch the very end which featured Matlock and Dick Van Dyke singing a duet with a ukelale to kids in a hospital. Naturally.


  1. yowsers...lucky ye! I have only recently discovered benefit (i scourged my buddy's make up table one early morning, hopefully she didn't realise, skanky ho that i am).

    I want a benefit goody bag too!! Unfortunately I am perenially unfashionable though, so I might just have to buy one like the rest of the plebs.

  2. I've seen that episode... It's AWESOME.


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