Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A|wear sales woo hoo!!



  1. I left a comment over on I Blog Fashion about this sale 'cos it gave me the right hump. It totally looks like there's 50% off everything on AWear.com but it's actually only the sale section and they also hide the "up to" 50% quite well. It's well cheeky advertising.

  2. mmmm interesting point tbh i liked the design of the ad so that's prob why i through it up more so than the sale!

  3. I though the same thing but a lot of it is the same sale stuff they've had for ages. The buy one get one half price offer they had a few weeks ago was better value

  4. I got a dress today for €10 that my lovely friend Daily Day dreamer paid €40 for last week.

    Sorry Claire bear!


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