Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Art Of Lomography

All these images can be found here.
Lomography” is a term quite unknown to most of us, but many practice it. The name was inspired and derived from the Russian “LOMO” cameras. Lomography not only refers to photographs taken with the LOMO camera, but can also apply to casual photography taken with any ordinary camera.
I got really into this a couple of years ago and i have a few of my images up on our kitchen wall at home i might show you them tomo, but for now here is just an example of the image I found on the site above. They sell the cameras in Urban Outfitters but from what i can remember they are cheaper to buy online.



  1. I love them! Post some of your pictures too!

  2. @ white rabbit not sure if my efforts are as good as these

    @ magatha may they are pretty cool alright

  3. I must be a total dunce - Ive never heard of the term before but I have often wondered about the effect.

    Show us you paps. Come on.


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