Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wii Brain

It's probably a sign that I've been playing too much MarioKart Wii lately when I dream about being chased by a red shell and recall thinking; "Dammit, it's a heat seeker though, how the hell am I going to get away from this!?"

When of course the obvious thing to do is throw another shell or banana skin at it before it hits me, only I had neither at hand.


  1. The day I got my first console - Sega Megadrive, this is back in the day a bit - I played Sonic for so long that when I finally closed my eyes for sleep after a solid 16 hours of play, all I could see were spinning hedgehogs and golden rings spilling tingling about the screen and round the caverns of my emptied head.

    Now for ya.

  2. Hardcore, McDanger! My first console was a Master System II with built-in Sonic. Them were the days! Actually, the Bear has proper old school Sonic downloaded onto his Wii and it's still as deadly as it was then.

  3. Sega master system 2? I had the original with Alex Kidd built in.

    But I got really hardcore with the first Halo game on the Xbox. Me and my bro played it for 18 hours only taking breaks to urinate and answer the door to take away delivery men.

    I even started a screenplay based on the game that I was positive Hollywood would shit itself to get.

  4. Oh I know that feeling. Everytime you close your eyes you see stars.

  5. this happens to me when i use tetris!!! the squares the squares!!!

  6. The first computer we had was an Atari, my best games memory is my brother writing the software for a drawing game for my birthday, how sweet.
    I went through my wii adiction last year with Zelda

  7. I recently found a Super Nintendo in a friends shed and I went yoink! Spent about 50 quid on ebay since buying some old school games


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