Monday, April 27, 2009

What the..?

It was just here two seconds ago! I think. It wasn't much of a to-do list anyway seeing as they're hardly going to hand any new jobs over to me it being my last week and all, but I haven't even left my desk and it's somehow disappeared. It's not in the bin and its not under the heap of papers that should be in the bin by now. This is weird. Maybe there's a paper eating gremlin hiding under my desk. The cute furry Mogwai type though, not this type. Although he does seem handy enough with a phone, which would mean I don't have to answer it. Come out, creepy little gremlin and make yourself useful instead of confusing me.


  1. I hate when stuff goes missing from the desk.

  2. I really can't figure out where it went. Maybe I imagined ever getting one.


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