Friday, April 03, 2009

Falling Over and Shameless Promotion of a Band I Like

Last week, whilst walking home in the sunshine, I was happily bopping along to this Dead Flags song, enjoying the sunshine and generally not looking where I was going. My happy clappy mood was soon altered though when a ninja cobblestone beside chq conspired to trip me up, resulting in me hopping myself off the not at all soft ground. It was the kind of fall I hadn't experienced since I was aged eight and fell on the tarmac driveway at my cousin's birthday party, hopped up on jelly and ice cream and possibly a funsize Mars or three. Probably. My first thought wasn't anything to do with how embarrassing it was (and it really was) though, as the area was all busy with IFSC minions and the like, but rather: "None of these fuckers are helping me up! Bastards!" And this is what happened to my poor little knobbly knee:

So although I was blaming the aforementioned Dead Flags for my injury, I just couldn't stay mad at them and attended their superfun gig in Whelan's last night, which was indeed both super and fun. I'm heading home home to Waterford with the Bear this weekend and we're going to catch their gig in Clonmel of all places, seeing as it's nearby. Oh yeah, and they're staying in my house that night cos I'M SO FUCKING ROCK AND ROLL that I'm bringing a band home ow oww! Clicky here to marvel at their wit and general cleverness in an interview they did for and get on over to their website for a listen to the kind of songs that'll distract you from impending leg injury and general bruising. In a good way of course.


  1. That looks awfully sore. Ya poor kitten

  2. Ouch. That looks soooore :(

    But qudos on the band!! Result ;) I had one of my favourite bands (Birds of Wales) stay at mine last year when they were touring Ireland. The main singer, Morgan, is GORGEOUS. And i've known him and been chatting to him for many years. Fancied the pants off him. The friend I was living with knew aaaaall about how I felt for him but went off and invited him into her bed for the night and ended up sleeping with him. DEVISTATED! Lol.

    So beware of bitchy friends when favourite bands are around ;) Haha. x

  3. @ Lindsay - That's so lousy, what a biatch! You should've given her a slap upside her mean head!

    @ SP & MM - I know! Poor me! :)

  4. any chance you'd make the pic of your knee a wee bit smaller dude eeeeeewwwwwwwww


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