Thursday, April 02, 2009

Quelque Chose #1

_ _ _ _

I just realised my keyboard has no hash button.
I had to kidnap that one from a Raptureponies post.
Don't worry RPs, I'll mind it.


  1. Your keyboard has no # button? Are you sure? This is bothering me.

  2. Maxi - but with the tights on?

    Lottie - nope, crazy Apple Macs. Showoff!

  3. It reminded me of a Dali painting when I saw it, but then when I looked up the painting I lost whatever semblance of imagining that had brought me there to begin with. Then I thought "Oh! No, wait; it's not that Dali it's this other one...", but when I found that one I was even more discombobulated than I'd been several seconds prior. Sometimes I think you put these wonderful images of abstraction up just to mess with my fragile little mind, but it's not you doing the messing it's the mind! Aaaarrrrrrr! Bear need sleepy hibernationy goodness.

    (but should you wonder of what i was refering please look here and also maybe here a little bit )

  4. Tights on or off, it bothers me not.


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