Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kate Moss new collection

So herself has produced a new collection for topshop. I wasn't much of a fan of her stuff before. Black skinny jeans and white tee's with a cutout at the back was hardly ground breaking design. Although her second collection ( i think it was second, the one with the red halter dress anyway) was much better and this new collection is better again. 

My favourite is this sequin striped vest. I love it's simplicity and how all you need is a pair of jeans and some killer heels to work it! It's only £50 on the website which I think is very good. However I can imagine how much it costs here about oh lemme see now €1,000,000, give of take a few thousand! grr..... 

The guna's are not half bad either have look here, clicky!



  1. Gaa! Damn u Tea cup...just clicked on linky and spent last 20 mins perusing website...enjoyable but frustratin!

    Hmm. The Moss' new stuff is kinda ok. Though I think some of the tops are "titcurtains" (as one blogger put it), and what's with playsuits? Is sandbox and incontinence included in price?

    *word ver LOL!!!"herpo"

  2. ha sorry dude!! her stuff is alot better than what she had out first! titcurtains!! hee hee

  3. £-€ fucked up conversion rates will be the death of me :@

    /Niamh x

  4. such a pretty top...i'm sooo far away :-(


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