Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Need This

me; so i saw this pretty guna in the window of river island the other day.

K; oh was it the pretty floral one?

me: yea!! that one, oh it would look so pretty with my new short blonde crop. and i could wear it with pretty pumps, or rock it up with boots, and i could put a belt around it, make it look ethnic-y looking! and i could wear to electric picnic or a picnic in the park and and and and it's out of stock, meh! typical! 

1 comment :

  1. LOL - I coughed my muffin up reading that. I'm totally there with you on the excitement of finding a new dress that goes with absolutely everything and can be worn to a day or night event and can be glitzed up p with heels or look totally cash and relaxed with flats and that is just short enough hat if you wear it with a trench it looks like you've got nothing on under your coat and that makes you talk so fast with excitement that your boyfriends head implodes.

    Love it.


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