Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get on your Boots, wha...!

So at the wkend i sucummed to my punk side and splurged on a pair of red patent leather docs and I think they are pretty class! 



  1. argher...super cool! ive had my (not so glam) navy docs for nay-on 13 years. not a day passes without a simple prayer of thanks.

    Good choice Tcup!

  2. thanks dude!

    i had a black pair in school that were completely mangled but were stil cool! but they disappeared into the black hole of the shed when we moved house!

    my heels are red raw though breaking them in is a killer!

  3. These so don't fit in my wardrobe but i have been eying a pair in Blue Moon for a few weeks now.

    I will not succumb. I will not succumb.

    Can I simply live vicariously through your foot wear?

  4. but when they are calling to you like that then i think you'll have to sucumb, eventually! (meewaa haa haa)

    was grand though today, raining going into work and my feet were dry!!!

  5. The more I see them the more I want shiny new ones!

  6. im unsure of which i want more:pink, black or red...until im 100% positive which ones, i'll have to make do with dreaming...

    gutted i didnt get those copies in pennies a while back for 18yoyos or something like that..



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