Monday, April 27, 2009

AAAhhhhhh fashion (ref: gok)

So on Sat myself and the lovely kitty had to look pretty and pile on the red lippy for the 9th fashion bloggers brunch! The venue was the lovely Saba Thai restaurant on clarendon street. We were to be there for 12 but as eager as ever myself and kitty turned up at 11.50am, and offered our services to Annemarie in helping with the goody bag sorting! (i 'discovered' last night when i eventually got round to opening the bag that i had but two packets of noodles, a simple clerical error i assure you!) Thanks to Saba for the free food and gifts ('healthy boy soy sauce' well is there any other kind? errr what's fish sauce though?) Thanks also to the 'yes to carrots' people and 'the Gloss' Mag for the free goodies as well. I cant wait to try out my new body butter! 

I have to say though and this is no bearing on the food itself which was delicious! But at twelve on a sat i felt that maybe it was a bit early for that kind of food but that's just me i was hanging for some eggs and tea and toast! And as it turned out the place was hopping with people when we left at two. 

Kitty comforted herself by ordering a cheesecake cocktail, as you do. Annemarie had a toblerone one which was divine and the always lovely lynnie had a mojito and i was very jealous when i saw that. Looked so refreshing!

As always everyone looked effortlessly cool. And with that in mind i popped into topshop (sale on by the way) and purchased a pair of skinny hounds tooth patterned trousers down from 40 something to 20 something!


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