Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes We Can Can

In other, much happier news, the Bear and I hit the Burlesque Ball on Saturday and had the mightiest of craic. Over the course of the night I managed to accost Lottie on the way out of the jacks, dance with Darren, hug Rick and RPs and really wish I had seen Miss Lottie miaowing at random strangers in her attempt to locate me. Good times! And the show wasn't half bad either.

Breakfast in Odessa the next morning: (HELL TO THE YES!)


  1. Oh that breakfast looks really really good. Mmm, Hungry!

    The belly dancer was my favourite of the night. she was magical.

    I've been practicing the technique with a sheet at home but I just end up scaring the cat.

  2. She was great wasn't she, definitely my favourite too the hypnotic little hottie! Our house is too small to practice so I'd probably just end up knocking everything over and falling into the fireplace..

    And it was indeed a lovely breakfast..I want it again NOW!

  3. We'd aspired to head to Odessa for brunch too but waking after 2pm doesn't help... :-)

  4. I heart your pic selection.. breakfast less so.

  5. Rick: missed a trick there, it was only gorgeous!

    RPs: Thanks lady, but the breakfast..its...its...french toast and RASHERS and maple syrup...what's not to love?!


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