Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'd seen a trailer a while ago and thought it looked good, and had been vaguely aware of the hype that preceded it, mostly because Rick was so excited about it. So while trying not to give anything away...
The opening ten minute sequence that zips through the alternate history of the world, especially the Enola Gay bomber with Miss Jupiter on the side, Silhouette grabbing the nurse in Times Square and wearing the face off her and Sally's Last Supper retirement shot, I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open for that entire part.

The slow down/speed up, meat cleavery, elbow snapping violence. Savage.

The Comedian: horrible, nasty, scary, awful man but I kept wanting to see more and more of him. Sexy too.

(and he's danny in grey's anatomy!!..tcup)

Rorschach's swinging door moment in the prison. Wowzers.

Everything else.

A bit of the second half kinda dragged a little.

The HEAT in the cinema. There was no air conditioning and neither of us had ever been so close to taking our pants off in a public place - it almost happened, it was that warm. Which isn't really anything to do with the film I suppose.

So I'm now on a mission to read the graphic novel, watch the film again and get myself an old school Silk Spectre outfit. Speaking of which, this is the artwork for the pinup calendar of her that appeared in the Comedian's apartment, which I would very much like as a poster pleasethankyouverymuch. *Drool*


  1. DYING to see that film!
    Was in a bookshop there during lunch and saw the graphic novel...a bit pricey at €22 i thought

  2. Hmm €22 is a bit saucy..would definitely like to get it though, and then watch the film again, I'm sure there's heaps of stuff I missed! It is brilliant though.


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