Monday, March 30, 2009


"It's bad news, I'm afraid" said he, upon calling me into his office.

"Oh, the fold out brochure?" I asked, oblivious as ever, spotting printouts of one I had been working on that were strewn on the table.

"Oh, no. No not that" he said, tidying them away. "It's about your job."

Ah. That old recession chestnut.

In the course of the conversation he mentioned that he realised things might be difficult for me and my girlfriend now. (He knows that I live with one other girl, ie T Cup.) At the time I was too blindsided by the freight train of impending unemployment that had just crashed into my little bubble to notice what he said, and just carried on. But I'm pretty sure my soon to be former boss thinks I'm a lesbian. Suggestions as how to rectify this over the next four weeks are welcome.

I probably won't go with the Bear's idea to wear a badge proclaiming "I heart cock".



  1. Oh no. WTF is wrong with this country at the moment?!

    I;m so sorry to hear this KC. Fingers crossed that it will find a way to work itself out.

    And I'd go with the Bear's suggestion. That or you could leave some compromising photos of the two of you (you and he not you and she) around the office. He'd get the message eventually.

  2. Turn up in the office singing:

    "My boyfriend has a big beard, it's H-A-I-R-Y....."


  3. @ Lottie - but who will take the photos...?

    @ Rick - em, I'll certainly keep it in mind!

  4. @KC - Well since I somehow neglected to get a photo on Saturday I am more than willing to offer my services.

    It's only fair really...

  5. seeing as i'm involved in this lesbian threesome ie you me and the bear man i would maybe drop into conversation that you are double dating this wkend with your BOYFRIEND and his COCK!. have a pic oF said cock on your screen saver and when asked;

    "so what are your plans?'
    reply "i dunno i mite move in with my BOYFRIEND' willy to save money or somesuch"

  6. @ Lottie - it's a date. A really weird date.

    @ T - So subtle. I like it.

  7. @KC - I really wish I could tell you it would be the first time i was in a bed room taking photos of another couple in bed.

    I really really wish I could tell you that.

  8. I tried to comment twice earlier. Damn internet.

    Sorry to hear about the old heave ho.... And i'm pro that I heart cocks badge. You could start a trend?

  9. Poo news. Made better by amusing crazies in blogworld. rrrrresult-a!

    Seriously though, poor you. That's pants. Start a biz! I'll give you lots of free advice. :o) you could start a noodie-picture business with Lottie ;)

  10. I had to come to back what the hell a Noodle - Picture business was.

    Re-read Liz. Re-read!

    I'm up for it. I;ll bring the camera. There'll always be a market for porn.

  11. Thanks ladies, if the job market for graphic designers is still as rubbish in a month's time as it is now, I just might do that MJ! Lottie seems to have experience and all.. and then I could sell the badges as extra merchandise.


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