Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Few things yiz didn't know about me!

1, I go by many names!

2, I have been going out with the same boy for nearly 7 years

3, I was in ucc for about 4 months and left during rag week!

4, I wanted to join the army and had all the forms etc but missed the deadline and then instead i went to college in cit to be a designer! some chalk & cheese anyone?

5, I was once 8 and a half stone and even then wanted to be thinner!
(didn't know how good i had it!)

6, My dream job is to work in television even if it involves making the tea!! and i make a cracking cup!

7, I was depressed in my second year of college, drank far too much cheated on mr. right with my best friend (we don't talk anymore) and i had to repeat 2nd year!

8, I LOVE harry potter. (another reason i had to repeat 2nd year too!)

9, I owned nike boot runners leggins and long t-shirts the first time around!

1o, I read richard hammonds book about his crash!

11, My favourite colour is green

12, I can separate my toes, point my big toe at people and give the 'come hither' thing with it! AND my small toe is very flexible! (if my personality wont get me on telly the feet will!)

13, I can also bend my fingers to a 90 degree angle from the back of my hand!

14, I day dream all the time. even now!!

15, my favourite film is love actually. I cry at the bit where colin leaves the portugese wan off for the last time before he heads off to laandan for the crimbo!

16, I actually cry at anything that tugs at them fecking heart strings

17, I think Vivienne Westwood is a god!

18, my favourite piece of art is 'composition in red blue and yellow' by Piet Mondrian. I saw the real thing in Laaandaaan a couple of years ago and nearly wet myself!

19, My favourite city is laannndaaan, go over as much as I can. My friend lives there opposite Daniel Radcliffe too!

20, I would love to be able to sing!


  1. A quick question... What year did you graduate from CIT?

  2. Guilty admission: I'm partial to the old Love Actually myself.

    Ooooh I feel all dirty.

  3. I was in CIT from 2000 until 2003 before coming to UL

  4. i left in 2007 started in 2002!

  5. I was the welfare officer in CITSU for 02/03

  6. very good did you give out the free condoms!!!


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