Thursday, March 12, 2009

Docklands Romance

As seen stuck to a bin across the road from The Point.
Jack and Marian, eh? Those crazy kids. If Tom only knew.


  1. Oh My god i had thought about putting this up yesterday? it must be there secret way of communicating less chance of getting caught by phone! send it to ray darcy!

  2. Haha, I just sent it there. I'd love if it was for real, imagine that! A couple leaving secret messages and clues around the Docklands, like a sex treasure hunt!

  3. Jesus, it's a bit bald though innit? Maybe she's just not verbose enough to write something poetic like "Jack, meet me in Jurys at 8. Bring your mickey."

  4. This is so much more fun than texting. i vote all correspodnence should now be by way of street art.

    Fancy dress traing journey anyone?

  5. Haha, and i thought no-one wrote love letters anyomore...

  6. @Terence - Bring your mickey! I love it! Eloquent bird, ain't she?

    @Lottie - That's deadly! His poor granny though.

    @Shellbelle - It'd bring a tear to the eye wouldn't it..

  7. Oh giant LOL!

  8. This is how I find out she's doing the dirt?


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