Friday, March 06, 2009

A Closer Look at the Best Job

Ok so I have been voting mad everyday for the Irish guy to win the job or the wildcard entry for this best job in the world. I've looked at the top four and the top two women don't seem like any craic at all! The girl who is number one comes across as a bit of a Ham and no bit of craic in her at all. Do we need to see a nerd blogging about the great barrier reef i don't think it would be very entertaining. However I'd rather go for a pint with her than the next hobag.

The russian girl comes across as being a bit of a tramp, she only barely mentions the fact that she's a marine biologist and then she goes into how great a body she has. Well good for you but your not getting my vote lady, try using something else rather than sex to sell yourself! (and oh my god the state of your bikini, how high have you pulled up the bottoms??)

Now the canadian guy looks like he could be proper competition. His was funny and light hearted and if I wasn't voting for george I'd def vote for him!

So anyway keep voting!! 

George 4th

Canada 3rd

Russia 2nd

thailand 1st

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