Monday, March 23, 2009

Born in the 80's!!

I'm really diggin this 80's revival thing I was in Topshop yesterday and I was very pleased to see all the neon and fringe skirts etc up on the shelves! Somethings are welcome to stay in the eighties though like Madonna when she was good and Tifanny and shaggy perms!

I bought this fabulous top yesterday. 

what do ya think??


  1. I like that. Considering raiding my mothers loft next time I go home, she never throws anything out. And with this 80's revival and the credit crunch I could well find a few suitable items up there ;-)

  2. I dare you to wear it with legwarmers.

  3. Not sure if I would wear it outdoors but seeing as I nearly bought a velvet purple second hand hoop dress with bridesmaid arms, i should really keep my opinions to myself.

  4. there'll be a 90s revival before we know it!

  5. well if the boot runners and leggins with a long t-shirt clad teens are anything to go by i think it's already begun Conortje!!!

    Lottie - sounds er... lovely??

    kitty leg warmers over leggings or footless tights with pumps avec the top, yea i could do that!

    mummy - my mother had some fabulous stuff from the 60's and the 70's not so much the 80's. But anyway she threw them all away!!! sniff sniff!!! am learning from her mistakes!! keep eveything!!

    if the eighties are good enough for 'she who is a fashion genius' ie Agyness Dean then bring it on!!

  6. mmmm I'm loving the asymmetricness


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