Monday, March 02, 2009

Alabama Slammer

I watched True Romance for the first time last night, on VHS video no less, straight outta 1995 or thereabouts. (You see the Bear loves videos, and has a recently alphabetized collection all lined up on the shelves in his house. It's a lovely nineties nostalgia buzz when you see them, like being in an old school video shop.) Anyway, Patricia Arquette's character Alabama looks absolutely deadly throughout the film with her brash animal prints, big plastic earrings and neon underwear. The character was so endearing with her mad clothes, wonky teeth and cute laugh that I decided to stick some photos of her on the blogaroo. I NEED that turquoise belt in the first photo. She also instilled a serious case of sunglasses envy in me, not to mention a sudden desire for my very own purple Cadillac. Apparently Patricia got to keep the car after the film wrapped. Jammy bint.


  1. Oh I love that film. I have the special edition on dvd and have seen it a stupid amount of times.

    I have that belt in pink, I've never use it-except for in the photo, you can have it for 10 euro(including postage) if you want.
    here's a link(the top is not included)

  2. I love True Romance.... what a great movie. Definitely in my Top 10.

  3. Great movie, great sunglasses, she does trashy better than anybody...

  4. Just saw it on TV. Fun movie!


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