Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes We Can Can

In other, much happier news, the Bear and I hit the Burlesque Ball on Saturday and had the mightiest of craic. Over the course of the night I managed to accost Lottie on the way out of the jacks, dance with Darren, hug Rick and RPs and really wish I had seen Miss Lottie miaowing at random strangers in her attempt to locate me. Good times! And the show wasn't half bad either.

Breakfast in Odessa the next morning: (HELL TO THE YES!)

Monday, March 30, 2009


"It's bad news, I'm afraid" said he, upon calling me into his office.

"Oh, the fold out brochure?" I asked, oblivious as ever, spotting printouts of one I had been working on that were strewn on the table.

"Oh, no. No not that" he said, tidying them away. "It's about your job."

Ah. That old recession chestnut.

In the course of the conversation he mentioned that he realised things might be difficult for me and my girlfriend now. (He knows that I live with one other girl, ie T Cup.) At the time I was too blindsided by the freight train of impending unemployment that had just crashed into my little bubble to notice what he said, and just carried on. But I'm pretty sure my soon to be former boss thinks I'm a lesbian. Suggestions as how to rectify this over the next four weeks are welcome.

I probably won't go with the Bear's idea to wear a badge proclaiming "I heart cock".


Friday, March 27, 2009


This pic was taken in may 08' it shows a figure wearing a ruff peering out of Tantallon Castle. It was up on yahoo news there and apparently experts are, and i quote, "baffled" by it. read more here.

The castle doesn't employ any actors to dress in period clothing or any manequinns. Photographic experts have said that the picture has not been enhanced or photoshopped! So who is the mysterious figure? 


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spot the Difference

In case anyone hadn't realised by now, I love Dita Von Teese. Lovely, classy, sexy, gorgeous Dita. However, something I didn't know about lovely Dita is that the beauty mark next to her eye is in fact a tattoo. Looky here at the before and after:

Heather Sweet, sans dot and lovely Dita avec dot. Turns out that back along, she visited a tattoo parlour with the intention of having a star inked right there on her lovely face. Now, while I'm all for having stars on your face, I would be of the opinion that temporary is undoubtedly the way to go. Thankfully, the tattoo artist thought so too and wisely talked her out of it, convincing lovely Dita that a beauty mark would be a better option. The lady herself said:
"You have to understand I was pretty eccentric. I was always drawing hearts and stars in that spot. I went in thinking I wanted a star there, but they wouldn’t do it.

They were the voice of reason. They were so right."

Indeed they were. She also almost had seams tattooed on the back of her legs, in the manner of the 1940s wartime ladies who would draw the lines on their legs, for want of actual stockings. Again, probably wouldn't have been the best move ever, lovely Dita.
"In the early nineties I almost got seams (tattooed) up the back of my legs but I’m so glad I didn’t. Can you imagine how hard it would be to match up the seams with real stockings? It would have been a nightmare."

Any excuse to put pictures of her on the blog really.

Yoinked from ici.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Born in the 80's!!

I'm really diggin this 80's revival thing I was in Topshop yesterday and I was very pleased to see all the neon and fringe skirts etc up on the shelves! Somethings are welcome to stay in the eighties though like Madonna when she was good and Tifanny and shaggy perms!

I bought this fabulous top yesterday. 

what do ya think??

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Corpse Bride

Like Miss TCup I'm sort of stuck for something to blog about lately. Last weekend and Paddy's Day, while mighty craic, could mostly be summed up by: Drink, Spheres at Docklands, drink, drink, Comic Relief, drink, rugby, drink, house party, drink, four-movie marathon on Sunday interspersed with drink (don't EVER watch Twilight, just stick on The Lost Boys instead), Paddy's Day, drink, drink...and so forth with some extra drinks thrown in. And chips too.


I've decided to dust off one of my favourite ladies from history, like I said I eventually would, and shine up her display case so you can all have a little look at her and her crazy fantastic life. She's meant to be one of the most artistically represented women in history, after the Virgin Mary (and we all know how much craic she was..) and Cleopatra, and yet I'd never heard of her until I read Dita Von Teese's Art of the Teese book about two years ago, where she's mentioned as a major fetish icon.
"The door to the room where we sat chatting suddenly opened. A dead woman entered. Her superb body was modelling a dress of white satin that was wrapped around her like a shroud and dragged behind her. A bouquet of orchids hid her breast. Her hair was red and her complexion livid like alabaster. Her face was devoured by two enormous eyes, whose black pupils almost overwhelmed her mouth painted a red so vivid that it seemed like a strip of coagulated blood. In her arms, she carried a baby leopard. It was the Marchesa Casati."

Marchesa Luisa Casati was an Italian heiress, patron of the arts and all-round delightful mental case who flitted between mansions in Venice and Paris in the early 1900s. Casati had something of a grĂ¡ for the bizarre, inappropriate and just plain weird. She had naked male servants covered only with gold leaf, she wore live snakes as jewellery, (her pet boa constrictor escaped while she was staying in the Ritz in Paris, as you do) and threw dinner parties where some of the seats were occupied by wax mannequins, rumoured to contain the ashes of her past lovers. Something of a character, you might say. One of her most famous little habits was taking a late night stroll with her pet cheetahs on diamond studded leashes, while completely starkers under her furs. Don't you just love her?

Needless to say, she shocked, scandalised, intrigued and amazed European high society with her macabre, loopy ways and had loads of affairs with men and women alike. Her half-ruined Venetian mansion on the Grand Canal had a garden filled with Chinese lanterns and albino blackbirds, and her pink marble Palais Rose in Paris housed an art gallery with over a hundred and thirty images of herself. In her bid for immortality she commissioned countless artists and photographers to capture her likeness, as she wanted to be "a living work of art". She used belladonna to dilate her pupils and once had her driver kill a chicken and pour it's blood down her long white arms so that it dried in a pattern she would like. She would have thoroughly scared the bejaysus out of me, although her parties and masquerade balls would have been the most amazing craic ever.

When it came to dressing up, the Marchesa went all out. The photo on the left is her costume for a fancy dress party in Paris in 1922, supposed to symbolise light. It was made of a net of diamonds, a sun formed with gold feathers, a diamond tiara and silver fringe. The sketch on the right is a costume for a Versailles shindig with THE MOST AMAZING HEADDRESS EVER, as you can see. That's dedication to fancy dress, right there.

However, a lifestyle as mad as that didn't come cheap and unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Casati ended up in major debt by the early 1930s, major debt as in $25 million US dollarybucks. She legged it to London after auctioning off most of her crazy-ass possessions and her homes, some of which Coco Chanel was thought to have bidded for, and lived in relative poverty. An eccentric to the end, she was seen rummaging around in bins looking for feathers to decorate her hair and when she died in 1957, the "Divine Marquise" was buried wearing leopardskin and false eyelashes with her favourite stuffed Pekinese dog.

Luisa Casati had a huge influence on the artists and photographers of her time and many since then, too. She pops up in art and fashion even today, the Marchesa label was named after her, an exclusive limited edition chocolate truffle called "The Marchesa" was created in 2004, Harper's Bazaar named her as one of fashion's greatest originals and Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Dior have been inspired by her. (The dress above on the right is from John Galliano's Casati-inspired 1998 haute couture collection for Dior, how deadly is that!)

Writer's block

Having a case of writer's block lately can't seem to think of something to write about. Haven't gone shopping in ages too!


Monday, March 16, 2009


There is a Mother Fucker of a feris wheel in Merrion Square!! I'm all over that like flies on a Somalian! 


Friday, March 13, 2009

Leather Jacket!!

So my leather jacket arrived bout two weeks ago but i only collected it last weekend! So I have it a week now and you'll have to rip it out of my cold dead hands if you want to even look at it! Ok that's a bit strong but still it's class!! I was worried that it would be too small for me as my boyfriend stated when it came in the post 'i dunno baby it's really small?!' But it's perfect hurray!! It looks better opened than closed though and the stringy bits hanging of  the sleeve/pocket/main zip are a bit annoying so i might have to get at them with a scissor! But it's so soft and lovely. Finally have a good leather jacket, and not a fake penny's effort!

On Eastenders during the week Ian fecking Beal had a leather jacket on and i didn't hear the end of it all night, "t-cup you have Ian Beals jacket!" and then some! But then the lovely Gok Wan had on a jacket not too dissimilar to mine and all was right with the world!


This weekend i will drink far too much and get mad at some Scots men!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Docklands Romance

As seen stuck to a bin across the road from The Point.
Jack and Marian, eh? Those crazy kids. If Tom only knew.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Few things yiz didn't know about me!

1, I go by many names!

2, I have been going out with the same boy for nearly 7 years

3, I was in ucc for about 4 months and left during rag week!

4, I wanted to join the army and had all the forms etc but missed the deadline and then instead i went to college in cit to be a designer! some chalk & cheese anyone?

5, I was once 8 and a half stone and even then wanted to be thinner!
(didn't know how good i had it!)

6, My dream job is to work in television even if it involves making the tea!! and i make a cracking cup!

7, I was depressed in my second year of college, drank far too much cheated on mr. right with my best friend (we don't talk anymore) and i had to repeat 2nd year!

8, I LOVE harry potter. (another reason i had to repeat 2nd year too!)

9, I owned nike boot runners leggins and long t-shirts the first time around!

1o, I read richard hammonds book about his crash!

11, My favourite colour is green

12, I can separate my toes, point my big toe at people and give the 'come hither' thing with it! AND my small toe is very flexible! (if my personality wont get me on telly the feet will!)

13, I can also bend my fingers to a 90 degree angle from the back of my hand!

14, I day dream all the time. even now!!

15, my favourite film is love actually. I cry at the bit where colin leaves the portugese wan off for the last time before he heads off to laandan for the crimbo!

16, I actually cry at anything that tugs at them fecking heart strings

17, I think Vivienne Westwood is a god!

18, my favourite piece of art is 'composition in red blue and yellow' by Piet Mondrian. I saw the real thing in Laaandaaan a couple of years ago and nearly wet myself!

19, My favourite city is laannndaaan, go over as much as I can. My friend lives there opposite Daniel Radcliffe too!

20, I would love to be able to sing!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'd seen a trailer a while ago and thought it looked good, and had been vaguely aware of the hype that preceded it, mostly because Rick was so excited about it. So while trying not to give anything away...
The opening ten minute sequence that zips through the alternate history of the world, especially the Enola Gay bomber with Miss Jupiter on the side, Silhouette grabbing the nurse in Times Square and wearing the face off her and Sally's Last Supper retirement shot, I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open for that entire part.

The slow down/speed up, meat cleavery, elbow snapping violence. Savage.

The Comedian: horrible, nasty, scary, awful man but I kept wanting to see more and more of him. Sexy too.

(and he's danny in grey's anatomy!!..tcup)

Rorschach's swinging door moment in the prison. Wowzers.

Everything else.

A bit of the second half kinda dragged a little.

The HEAT in the cinema. There was no air conditioning and neither of us had ever been so close to taking our pants off in a public place - it almost happened, it was that warm. Which isn't really anything to do with the film I suppose.

So I'm now on a mission to read the graphic novel, watch the film again and get myself an old school Silk Spectre outfit. Speaking of which, this is the artwork for the pinup calendar of her that appeared in the Comedian's apartment, which I would very much like as a poster pleasethankyouverymuch. *Drool*

Monday, March 09, 2009

Predictive Swearing

Is it bad that I tried to type out 'aunt' in a text message using predictive text and it came up as 'cunt' first?

I must say it more than I actually realise.

Friday, March 06, 2009

A Closer Look at the Best Job

Ok so I have been voting mad everyday for the Irish guy to win the job or the wildcard entry for this best job in the world. I've looked at the top four and the top two women don't seem like any craic at all! The girl who is number one comes across as a bit of a Ham and no bit of craic in her at all. Do we need to see a nerd blogging about the great barrier reef i don't think it would be very entertaining. However I'd rather go for a pint with her than the next hobag.

The russian girl comes across as being a bit of a tramp, she only barely mentions the fact that she's a marine biologist and then she goes into how great a body she has. Well good for you but your not getting my vote lady, try using something else rather than sex to sell yourself! (and oh my god the state of your bikini, how high have you pulled up the bottoms??)

Now the canadian guy looks like he could be proper competition. His was funny and light hearted and if I wasn't voting for george I'd def vote for him!

So anyway keep voting!! 

George 4th

Canada 3rd

Russia 2nd

thailand 1st

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Hair like a scarecrow, late for work, tired as fuck, weird pains in my arms and an urge to eat every bag of Tayto in my path.

Totally worth it for the craic to be had playing pool and sinking pints though.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Best Job in the World

Hey an Irish applicant for the best job in the world, has made it down to the final 50, so vote for him here!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009

Alabama Slammer

I watched True Romance for the first time last night, on VHS video no less, straight outta 1995 or thereabouts. (You see the Bear loves videos, and has a recently alphabetized collection all lined up on the shelves in his house. It's a lovely nineties nostalgia buzz when you see them, like being in an old school video shop.) Anyway, Patricia Arquette's character Alabama looks absolutely deadly throughout the film with her brash animal prints, big plastic earrings and neon underwear. The character was so endearing with her mad clothes, wonky teeth and cute laugh that I decided to stick some photos of her on the blogaroo. I NEED that turquoise belt in the first photo. She also instilled a serious case of sunglasses envy in me, not to mention a sudden desire for my very own purple Cadillac. Apparently Patricia got to keep the car after the film wrapped. Jammy bint.