Thursday, February 26, 2009

Short Hair.

Ok out of a grand total of seventeen, that's right a wopping 17 people voted on the poll i had up on 'short hair on girls'. Now i know i only had up two choices but i tried to think of four choices and i just though a yea or a nea sufficed for this particular poll. 

76% yes (why not it'll grow back)
23% (no way never)

Now I know it doesn't suit everyone, and that's why I put up the "it'll grow back' bit in, but as we can see from the pic above on the right shaped face and the right attitude it can look fabulous. My hair is short and blonde at the moment and has been for a while. Which is unusual for me as I tend to change my hair style like the wind. No really i do. Anyway I love it I've been getting complements from all over the shop about it. I had short hair in school then long in college then when I moved up to the big smoke I wanted a change so I chopped it up again! 

I heard recently that when couples break up one of the first things the girl will do (somewhere between wondering 'what's wrong with me!' and cursing him to high heaven) is change her hair style. I suppose it's a way of saying non verbally that something has changed in their lives and I want to express it. 


(p.s. i haven't broken up with the BF, in case yiz are wondering)  


  1. "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair" lol xx

    Pixie cut, Victoria Beckham style. Very cute and easy to manage

  2. I've had all manner of hair styles.Down to my waist, striaght, curly, bob, short, pixie, shaved(!!!), purple, black, pink...

    It's now shoulder lenght, wavey and I wear it up a lot in a very messy vistorian like bun.

    I'm feeling the urge for a chop though

  3. Yup, you can always tell when there is change afoot in a woman's life by the frequency of the chopping! Short hair isn't for me I'm afraid, my face isn't pretty enough.

  4. @ yummy i like vicky's have to say much nicer on her short than long anyway

    @ nice day, me too! (never shaved although in school the hair was so short you could see my scalp? does that count?)

    @ ciara ah don't be putting yourself down like that now!

  5. Can we have pictures?

    Have you ever cut off your haird after a break up? Is is a distinclty female reaction? A way to start over, renounce vanity, to spite love.

    A clean slate.

  6. pictures? of my hair now? or of my my hair cuts? never shaved my hair however it was very very short in secondary school you could see my scalp! i'll have to do some digging around for those pics!!


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