Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Pet, Peeves.

This just literally popped into my head what are your top five pet peeves. Although if there are more please feel free to rant about them here.

My pet peeves are as follows (although as i have only just thought about this it is subject to change)

1) People who don't sympathise with you when someone close to you has died (as this has happened to me recently i've noticed it a bit more of late, it takes two seconds to say, 'sorry to hear about your loss' I mean c'mon, it's not like I'm going to turning into a mess of snot and tears while trying to say 'thanks' but it ends up sounding something more like bluuuffrrrrdd[big_massive_sniff]waaaaa.)

2) being anal about the apostrophe s or s apostrophe or bad grammar in general (yes i'm looking at you kitty, it didn't cause 9/11 and it won't cause WW3.     i hope)

3) bad make up! (dude there is a line around your head and it's not a wrinkle! your suppose to match your neck to your face not your neck to your fag stained fingers! BLEND PEOPLE) 

4) the words pet and peeves, (i know this is somewhat ironic but could they not of thought of two less annoying words for this!!) 

5) people who work in marketing ( i know i making the biggest generalisation in the world here but it's mainly the people who say "what would it look like in yellow and green and bigger a lot bigger and over on the right?" well let me tell you, it would look like your brand has a dose of the shits thats what!)

ahhh rant/vent over...deep breaths everyone!



  1. I've narrowed my eyes menacingly and am now tapping a cudgel in my palm as I digest number two and look your way threateningly. Hmmmm.

    Then again, as we all know, it's ok to get anal every once in a while. Tee hee.


  2. You're so right about #1. I'm not sure if it's people running from problems or fear, but people need to be more adult and address death.

    I've had a similar situation recently and it's very upsetting to feel ignored.

  3. I can understand why some people don't give their sympathies. It's not that they don't fell sympathetic. Just everyone reacts to these things differently.

    If I lost someone I think I would not be able to cope if people kept saying "sorry for your loss".

  4. To be honest lottie i don't get it, get over yourselves, for me it's a mark of respect. hope i'm not coming on to strong there! anyway your acknowledging the fact that your friend/collegue (sp.) has lost someone and it takes two 2 seconds to say sorry for your loss.

    basically i was trying to say that ok when your at the funeral and there's people comin up to you the whole time saying "sorry" it can be hard to cope. but you do it it's awkward and uncomfortable but you do it.

    @ ciara you hit the nail on the head

    i don't wnt this post to be about that though. it just something i noticed over the last few weeks.

  5. @T CUP - totally. It's a a silly selfishness but I'm simply saying that everyone is different. Some people are just so ill equipped to deal with emotion or loss that they can't say anything.

    And you didn't mention anything about people who don't indicate. Grr. Argh. It makes me so angry! So angry that it couldn't be classified as a pet peeve. More of a defense to murder...one day.

  6. @lottie - babe, those people should just grow up then.
    however indicating doesn't affect me as i don't drive! but i'm sure that would enter into my top ten!

  7. As a pedestrian I think there needs to be a universal hand sign for "What the hell is wrong with you, don't you know what a fucking indicator IS!?" that I could give to idiot drivers.

  8. there is K, it's the middle finger!!! hee hee


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