Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mes Vacances Sexy

In the words of Julie Andrews, these are a few of my favourite things...

Picking our jaws up off the floor of Crazy Horse, both of us falling in major lust with Dita and marvelling at the disappearing G-string trick executed by a flawless hottie gyrating on a spinning disc surrounded by lasers. Had to be seen to be believed. Despite the amazing show put on by Miss Von Teese and the Crazy Horse girls, the biggest cheer of the night went to two lads who happened to be a hilarious pair of tap dancing identical twins.

Following a treasure map of Père-Lachaise on a drizzly Saturday morning and only finding Jim when we noticed a crowd of fifteen or so Americans all gathered taking photos in the one spot. Said hi to Oscar, Edith, Sarah Bernhardt, Victor Noir and the doomed lovers along our pirate trail, and loved the fact that the Bear enjoyed traipsing around this graveyard as much as I did.

Forgoing the fact that we were in a food capital, and drunkenly scoffing KFC in our tiny but gorgeous hotel room after spending the evening getting shitfaced watching the rugby match in a Scottish pub that charged €7 for a pint bottle of cider. Robbers.

Racing around Disneyland like children full of Haribo, stuffing ourselves with foot-long hotdogs and legging it straight afterwards to a ride that entailed a 200ft freefall drop. Giggling insanely at the photo taken of us on Big Thunder Mountain, as it appeared that a motionless serial killer was sitting in front of us the entire way. We named him Jason.

Packing all the cheesy photo opportunities we could manage into the last day and ducking out of the rain by drinking gin and tonic out of an Orangina bottle in a cinema on the Champs-Elyseés.

Magic. Cúpla photos tomorrow, I promise.


  1. OH I CAN'T WAIT!!! Anything that you'd really reccommend??

  2. All of the above! GO to the Crazy Horse show, the one we saw was Dita mixed in with the normal Forever Crazy revue but I'd go back to see the regular show tomorrow if I could. The tickets are saucy, around €100-€120 I think but SO worth it, it's the most amazing 2 hours of dancing girls you will ever see.

    And I love Disneyland so I tell everyone to go there.

  3. Hey congrats!!! You just won my monthly draw. It involves getting lovely things from me for free. So all I need is your postal address, you can send it to me at ruthcrean@yahoo.ie, and I swear I won't use it to stalk you

  4. Sounds deadly...fancy bringing me along next time?

  5. Yea I'm amd to go to the crazy horse. I was looking it up on the website, are there shows on during the dinners or are those seperate tickets?

  6. There's 3 different types of tickets Red, as far as I know, the show with dinner is the most expensive, then the show with champagne or just the show alone and you buy your own drinks. If you do go, get tickets in the diamond category, as they're better and more central seats, for the sake of an extra €20 you might as well get a good table!

  7. oh wow!!! sounds fab!!!


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