Tuesday, February 17, 2009

leather and spice and all things nice!

I want a leather jacket! No wait i NEED a leather jacket.

saw these beauts on asos.com, (the online fashion store). One is about 400 snots t'other is about 100!



  1. I have to curb my ASOS addiction.

    I got a (don't laugh) onesie from them yesterday for under dresses. It's brilliant. how control underwear can actually be a bit sexy is beyond me. it's a great fit and has a great neck line and is really comfortable.

    I also want a leather jacket - but you have to be careful that you don't wander into that 90's lesbian look.

  2. a 90's lesbian leather lover look is something i don't want!

  3. Oh same. I need an actual LEATHER jacket not the faux-crap I keep buying on sale...

    /Male Mode.


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