Monday, February 09, 2009

fashion bloggers brunch.....mmmmm

On Saturday morning i braved the cold weather and the slippy roads to head into the 7th fashion bloggers brunch and my second. I was on my tod as herself was off looking for a grave in Paris. The venue was the clarence (you know bono's hotel). It was fabulous as usual and big thank you to Annemarie from iblogfashion for the invite again. I unfortunately had to leave early as my gruaig was starting to look like a blonde afro and an emergency chop was indeed called for! 

Check out the brekkie!! I wasn't really sure where to start first so i started with the egg as you do!

Just some of the goodies in the goodie bag recieved from clarins, I'm loving my new eye shadow pallete! For pics head over to iblogfashion .

thanks again, cheered me up when i needed a boost!


  1. lovely meeting you tess! how's the new hairdo?

  2. its grand girl! i have finally achieved the white blonde i longed for, woohoo!!! lovely meeting you too, x

  3. Was lovely to see you again - I had fun playing with my goodie bag too when I got home :)

  4. On the way to just missing the thing, I asked this guy for directions, he said, "Oh, BONO'S HOTEL? It's up there on the right, I don't think he's there though!"

    His joke amused him no end.


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