Monday, February 23, 2009

Disappointment is...

Opening a bag of crisps and eagerly anticipating the first lovely crrrunch, but it never comes because it turns out that there's a small hole at the bottom of the bag.



  1. Disappointment is paying the girl and then finding out she won't do some of the stuff she said she would before she got into the car.

  2. I feel your pain, what a fucking pisser.

    I found a bag like this in the shop on Saturday night, handed it to the shop assistant right away with a stern face. It's what anyone would do, it's like finding broken glass in a child's playground.

    They were Walkers sensations Sweet Chili flavour.

  3. Does anyone else think that the new walkers flavours are MANKY!

    the guys got a bag of each at the weekend and I tasted some;

    Fish and chips... ewww
    cajun squirrel... not the worst by far but yuck
    chilli and chocolate... who ever thought this one up should be beaten
    peking duck... over sweet

    at this stage I ouldn't even taste the Builders Breakfast or Onion Badji. I just gave up!

  4. i tasted the chilli and choc and its rank! our friend actually sent in the falvour of the hoi sin sauce and duck wan with 17 other people! but she won't get the mula if if works they picked another name.

  5. I haven't tried any of them yet actually, I'm intrigued by the Cajun Squirrel one and I'd like to give Crispy Duck a whack but the thoughts of the others just turn my stomach!

  6. Did you not notice there was no crips in the bag?

  7. No MP there were crisps there alright but they were gone soft because of the air getting at them, you see! I can be dozy from time to time but not when it comes to Snax!

    And Terence, you've done your country and crisp scoffers alike a great service. Bravo.

    Maxi...there are no words. And they usually seem to lead back to hookers or your ma anyway..

  8. that's an excuse to go out and acquire two more bags and eat them in lightening speed!


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