Thursday, February 05, 2009


On a recent  trip into town to buy tights i also just happened upon a few more pieces for the wardrobe! I picked up a this short tuxedo jacket from topshop. I'm not sure of the original price but it had a sale tag on it that said €35 but at the till it was €22!! (that's not me in the pic btw) 

I also went into Office and saw these beauts staring up at me. I had spotted them on the lovely Arsheen from Fashion Filosophy at the last fashion brunch and then when i saw them with the price tag of €22 down from €80, sure i couldn't leave them behind!!

(oh yea and i didn't get the tights in the end! typical the thing I wanted!)


  1. I had my eye on the jacket a few months back but it was €70 -ended up getting a similar one in Awear but it's not as nice. I might find myself trundelling alond to Grafton Street alter.

    No. Bad Lottie. No. No. No.

  2. Result indeed! God, I wish my fashion forays were as fruitful.

    /Male Mode.


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