Monday, February 09, 2009

Bafta's '09

So the BAFTA's were on last night and there wasn't a whole lot of fancy dresses. A lot of people opted for save options. Yes Kate Winslet even though I did like your guna, you could try and shake it up a bit for change. Anyhu I picked out a few people who I thought looked fab on the night even though they were prob freezing. But to quote a pharse I heard on the radio the other day "fashion feels no pain, da'lin"

Shazzer looked well in her I think it was Valentino (too lazy to look it up) guna. The red and blonde hair always look really sexy together.

Ferne brought a bit of rock and roll to the red carpet.

Hermione Granger, there always nice to get out the school uniform i suppose. Seriously though she looked very pretty last nice. 

Really like the pattern on Marrisa's guna thought she looked really sexy in this little number!


  1. Jaysis, I thought Marissa looked like she'd rolled herself into an 80s duvet cover from Arnotts and went dressed in that.

  2. OOOh I think Emma Watson looks great, not sure about Fearnes Big Bird look


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