Friday, February 27, 2009


have a nice weekend people!!!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Short Hair.

Ok out of a grand total of seventeen, that's right a wopping 17 people voted on the poll i had up on 'short hair on girls'. Now i know i only had up two choices but i tried to think of four choices and i just though a yea or a nea sufficed for this particular poll. 

76% yes (why not it'll grow back)
23% (no way never)

Now I know it doesn't suit everyone, and that's why I put up the "it'll grow back' bit in, but as we can see from the pic above on the right shaped face and the right attitude it can look fabulous. My hair is short and blonde at the moment and has been for a while. Which is unusual for me as I tend to change my hair style like the wind. No really i do. Anyway I love it I've been getting complements from all over the shop about it. I had short hair in school then long in college then when I moved up to the big smoke I wanted a change so I chopped it up again! 

I heard recently that when couples break up one of the first things the girl will do (somewhere between wondering 'what's wrong with me!' and cursing him to high heaven) is change her hair style. I suppose it's a way of saying non verbally that something has changed in their lives and I want to express it. 


(p.s. i haven't broken up with the BF, in case yiz are wondering)  


One of my favourite girl crushes is newly single. (She was engaged to David from Beverly Hills 90210 for some reason.)

Just sayin.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What ye've all be wetting yerselves about! Kate avec star, ahh she's so purty! 

Radio Gaga

I know Lady Gaga's songs are kinda cheesy, poppy, trashy, etc. but I can't help liking this wonderfully ridiculous line in Pokerface.
'Cause I'm bluffin with my muffin

It makes me giggle every time and I always end up singing "poke her face" instead. The song also makes me think of Ma Baker by Boney M. I don't know if any of these are necessarily good things, but just LOOK at her deadly lightning bolt makeup! People should paint things on their faces more often.

I saw this street art when I was in Paris and since then I've wanted to paint a blue star over one eye, I just need to find a suitable occasion to do it. Or maybe I'll just turn up in work with a face like Paul Stanley for the hell of it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Disappointment is...

Opening a bag of crisps and eagerly anticipating the first lovely crrrunch, but it never comes because it turns out that there's a small hole at the bottom of the bag.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Faster, Pussycats

Quite some time ago, I posted about the kick-ass ball of deadly that is Tura Satana. I love reading up on brazen, crazy girls like her with an amazing life story that would make a much better Hollywood film than the endless unimaginative stream of remakes and sequels hitting the cinemas in the last few years. Girls that go against the grain of whatever society they lived in at the time and did their own damn thing are just fascinating to me. When I come across women like this, I sort of collect them in my head and look them up from time to time to find out more about them and their lives. Anyway my point is that I think I might do a series of posts about these ladies, even just as a way to take the list out of my head and make it real and to do something with all the interesting bits and pieces about them. I was going to post something about one of them today, but I might keep her till next week, now it's taken me this long to introduce the idea. If I do actually follow through on this, it will probably just be a whenever I feel like it thing or something that'll pop up when I can't think of anything else to blog about, cos I'm lazy like that. Suggestions for naming the series are welcome, alliteration would be nice so help me out!


this weekend i turn the grand old age of 'ahem' 21 AGAIN. woo hoo love twenty first's 


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Pet, Peeves.

This just literally popped into my head what are your top five pet peeves. Although if there are more please feel free to rant about them here.

My pet peeves are as follows (although as i have only just thought about this it is subject to change)

1) People who don't sympathise with you when someone close to you has died (as this has happened to me recently i've noticed it a bit more of late, it takes two seconds to say, 'sorry to hear about your loss' I mean c'mon, it's not like I'm going to turning into a mess of snot and tears while trying to say 'thanks' but it ends up sounding something more like bluuuffrrrrdd[big_massive_sniff]waaaaa.)

2) being anal about the apostrophe s or s apostrophe or bad grammar in general (yes i'm looking at you kitty, it didn't cause 9/11 and it won't cause WW3.     i hope)

3) bad make up! (dude there is a line around your head and it's not a wrinkle! your suppose to match your neck to your face not your neck to your fag stained fingers! BLEND PEOPLE) 

4) the words pet and peeves, (i know this is somewhat ironic but could they not of thought of two less annoying words for this!!) 

5) people who work in marketing ( i know i making the biggest generalisation in the world here but it's mainly the people who say "what would it look like in yellow and green and bigger a lot bigger and over on the right?" well let me tell you, it would look like your brand has a dose of the shits thats what!)

ahhh rant/vent over...deep breaths everyone!


Yes Please

When the Bear and I were in Paris, we dodged the rain for two hours on the last day by going to see Yes Man, with Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel. As in they were starring in it, not there with us because let's face it, if they were I'd have spent the entire time pestering Jim for Ace Ventura lines and I'd have to be peeled off Zooey's Zooey Deschanel, silly! Anyway, about halfway through the film, we skip along to a scene in an airport where the camera reveals the fantastic Miss D in The Most Amazing Coat Ever. I actually gasped when I saw it, and now, as a little sweetie for your eyes, here it is.... (cue heavenly music..)

And it would appear that every girl who has seen it has also been Googling the bejaysus out of Zooey Deschanel + Yes Man + navy coat, in an attempt to find their very own version. Message boards are swamped with boys trying to find it for their girlfriends along with people suggesting coats that are kinda similar but just not the same dammit! Anyway it turns out that it was one of those magical finds in some LA vintage shop, which probably disappeared in a puff of glittery smoke as soon as the door swung shut. Oh well. Maybe if I track Zooey down I can appeal to her quirky hippy side and convince her that it's just a material thing maaan, and you don't really NEED material possessions to make you happy...and then run off giggling like a lunatic in my beeeeautiful new coat. Probably not though.

leather and spice and all things nice!

I want a leather jacket! No wait i NEED a leather jacket.

saw these beauts on, (the online fashion store). One is about 400 snots t'other is about 100!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Sense of style!

My Friend Maeve has recently started up a styling business with her friend Siobhan, and this is there website. I can vouch for Maeves' sense of style she is always wearing the most up to date fashions. She has a keen eye for detail and knows what looks good. 


Number One

What was number one when you were born? "A Town called Malice" was for me! Pretty cool eh?

I think I'd like to make this a kind of meme so I tag red, the sexy pedestrian and oh lemme see now.... babaduck!

rules, just link the post back here and tell us what was number one back in the day!! 


Sure you could always just through down the answer on the comments below fresin! 

UPDATe; tony fenton is now playing my song and he said, and i quote "and now for a song that was no. one on this day in 1982"!!!!!!!!! weird or what!
does this mean tony reads our bloggy wog!!

Quotes of the Weekend

A bag of pick 'n mix from the last three days...
"You could go around making people cry and then lick the tears off their face."

"But then the problem would be that I'd want to raise the kids Jewish and he'd want to have sex with men."

"They probably wouldn't sell as much honey if it was called Bee Poo. We're on our Bee-poo moon!"

"A pounce of cats?! That's so much better than a murder of crows!"

"Is anything on fire? No? Ok then let's go."

"Happy VD everybody!"

"Right, at the next red light we all get out and swap seats."
(We did.)

"That was some try. He should be allowed go for a wank now. He deserves it."

The Content terrorist/burglar

Everyone should have one. A visually impaired terrorist/burglar 

He looks so happy there!

The Panel

We were at the panel last week for the last episode of the season. They don't know if it's coming back because apparently there is a new boss in RTE and he/she hasn't commissioned a new show yet. Anyway it was out in Blanchards town. Will Leahy was the guest presenter he wasn't very good though he kept quiet for a lot of it and only really spoke when he was introducing a new topic. I think they should prob just get a new comedian presenter and leave it at that! Or do what they were doing last year and get neil delamer and colin murphy to present it! I think people preferred that, there was a better flow to the show then! 

Anyway here are one or two photos that i took with my crappy phone.

The special guest was patrick bergin he was massive! but a bit of an ejit! 

colin murphy warmed up the crowd and was a bit drunk in doing so! 


Friday, February 13, 2009

V Day!

Having been single for Valentine's Day for fecking aaages, it's lovely that I'm actually not this time around! I don't care that it's a makey-uppy card company holiday, I've spent the last 5 years or so being all cynical and sneery at it but not this time, no siree. Hitting the Sugar Club's Rocky Horror night for it tomorrow, which will be deadly and if my outfit goes to plan I'll be out and about the town in underwear and a black tutu...might need a barrel or two of Dutch courage, mind you...

Have a supersexy weekend everybody!

Mwah! xx

happy wkend...

I was getting sick of looking at Daniel and the bad tash, happy February 14th everyone!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Have suddenly developed a renewed crush on Daniel Radcliffe! (Next line is said in a high pitched voice) would we call that paedophilia??? He is 20 now.

Actually maybe not....


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Legend of Big Thunder Mountain


Allow me to introduce you to the hero of our weekend, coming to a nightmare near you, the one and hopefully only JASON. (Incidentally, those are our jazz hands behind him.)


Mes Vacances Sexy

In the words of Julie Andrews, these are a few of my favourite things...

Picking our jaws up off the floor of Crazy Horse, both of us falling in major lust with Dita and marvelling at the disappearing G-string trick executed by a flawless hottie gyrating on a spinning disc surrounded by lasers. Had to be seen to be believed. Despite the amazing show put on by Miss Von Teese and the Crazy Horse girls, the biggest cheer of the night went to two lads who happened to be a hilarious pair of tap dancing identical twins.

Following a treasure map of Père-Lachaise on a drizzly Saturday morning and only finding Jim when we noticed a crowd of fifteen or so Americans all gathered taking photos in the one spot. Said hi to Oscar, Edith, Sarah Bernhardt, Victor Noir and the doomed lovers along our pirate trail, and loved the fact that the Bear enjoyed traipsing around this graveyard as much as I did.

Forgoing the fact that we were in a food capital, and drunkenly scoffing KFC in our tiny but gorgeous hotel room after spending the evening getting shitfaced watching the rugby match in a Scottish pub that charged €7 for a pint bottle of cider. Robbers.

Racing around Disneyland like children full of Haribo, stuffing ourselves with foot-long hotdogs and legging it straight afterwards to a ride that entailed a 200ft freefall drop. Giggling insanely at the photo taken of us on Big Thunder Mountain, as it appeared that a motionless serial killer was sitting in front of us the entire way. We named him Jason.

Packing all the cheesy photo opportunities we could manage into the last day and ducking out of the rain by drinking gin and tonic out of an Orangina bottle in a cinema on the Champs-Elyseés.

Magic. Cúpla photos tomorrow, I promise.

Monday, February 09, 2009

BAFTA's cont.

When i was looking through the bafta website there a while ago i came upon these gorgeous images from past ceremonies have a look for yerselfs here.

I'm not sure who took them but i think they are class!!

Bafta's '09

So the BAFTA's were on last night and there wasn't a whole lot of fancy dresses. A lot of people opted for save options. Yes Kate Winslet even though I did like your guna, you could try and shake it up a bit for change. Anyhu I picked out a few people who I thought looked fab on the night even though they were prob freezing. But to quote a pharse I heard on the radio the other day "fashion feels no pain, da'lin"

Shazzer looked well in her I think it was Valentino (too lazy to look it up) guna. The red and blonde hair always look really sexy together.

Ferne brought a bit of rock and roll to the red carpet.

Hermione Granger, there always nice to get out the school uniform i suppose. Seriously though she looked very pretty last nice. 

Really like the pattern on Marrisa's guna thought she looked really sexy in this little number!

fashion bloggers brunch.....mmmmm

On Saturday morning i braved the cold weather and the slippy roads to head into the 7th fashion bloggers brunch and my second. I was on my tod as herself was off looking for a grave in Paris. The venue was the clarence (you know bono's hotel). It was fabulous as usual and big thank you to Annemarie from iblogfashion for the invite again. I unfortunately had to leave early as my gruaig was starting to look like a blonde afro and an emergency chop was indeed called for! 

Check out the brekkie!! I wasn't really sure where to start first so i started with the egg as you do!

Just some of the goodies in the goodie bag recieved from clarins, I'm loving my new eye shadow pallete! For pics head over to iblogfashion .

thanks again, cheered me up when i needed a boost!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Paris in the Springtime

I've been completely useless in work all day, obsessively checking weather forecasts for the next four days, ignoring ones that tell me it's going to rain and carrying on searching till I find a more optimistic outlook. I've been Googling the bejaysus out of Père-Lachaise Cemetery, and squeaked with excitement when I found out that it's actually quite close to the hotel. So I'm on a mission to locate Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrisson, Edith Piaf, Abelard and Heloise and maybe Proust and Chopin too for the hell of it. I've got my outfit for Dita Au Crazy tomorrow night all planned, we'll be watching the Ireland v France match in a random pub on Saturday, I'm introducing the Bear to rollercoasters in Disneyland on Sunday and it's going to be a million kinds of fun. Tick tock work o' clock, needless to say, today feels like the longest day ever, I just hope the weekend won't fly too much! Wheee!


On a recent  trip into town to buy tights i also just happened upon a few more pieces for the wardrobe! I picked up a this short tuxedo jacket from topshop. I'm not sure of the original price but it had a sale tag on it that said €35 but at the till it was €22!! (that's not me in the pic btw) 

I also went into Office and saw these beauts staring up at me. I had spotted them on the lovely Arsheen from Fashion Filosophy at the last fashion brunch and then when i saw them with the price tag of €22 down from €80, sure i couldn't leave them behind!!

(oh yea and i didn't get the tights in the end! typical the thing I wanted!)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


So i've noticed of late a certain trend, that i think we can all be accused of wearing at some point in our lives. Well during the 80's and early 90's any way. Looks like stone wash are coming back and i have to admit i kinda like it!

I'm also loving the boots. topshop


Monday, February 02, 2009

To err is human, to ARR is pirate.

At the weekend I found myself drinking rum on the stairs of the house party with a cardboard parrot called Basil velcroed to my shoulder as I attempted to sing this with my fellow pirate and boyfriend, for want of a sea shanty.

His housemate chose the ninja route for the shindig. Her name for the night?

Carbon Monoxide. The silent killer.


Spot the TCup

The lovely Miss TCup features in this video for the Jameson Film Festival, but which one IS she? Answers on a postcard!

Clue: Her favourite filum gets two mentions.

Video pilfered from Señor Doyle who also features.